Nanotechnology has been hailed as "the Science of the small with huge opportunities". Experts envisage that 'nano-bio-info machines', ‘nanobots’ and the like will transform everyday life in unfathomable ways. In this context, Dr. Ranjan Dash's work is an embodiment of far reaching consequences and his company Y-Carbon promises to be a nanotechnology milestone.

His novel chemical recipe to engineer nanoscopic pores into carbon materials used in ultracapacitors has doubled their capacity thereby enhancing energy storage capabilities and applications. Among these is the hybrid electric car which is expected to revolutionize the automobile industry once it is launched commercially.The ability to tailor the properties of porous carbon material is unique to Y-Carbon award winning technology and thus provides a quantum leap in performance in many applications such as supercapacitors, gas (hydrogen, methane and chlorine) storage, protein filtration, water purification, fuel cell catalysts etc.These applications have enormous and diverse business opportunities in fields ranging from energy to water to medicine.

For his pioneering work, Dr. Ranjan Dash has been awarded 2009's Young Innovators Award by the MIT Technological Review.

He was the first student at Drexel University to pursue a dual degree of a Ph.D. and MBA. He was awarded the '2006 Award for the Best Dissertation by a student in engineering and physical science of Drexel University'. He was also awarded the 2007’s international Carbon Prize, sponsored by Elsevier, for his doctoral research. Recently, Dr. Dash received the Drexel University’s 2009 Young Alumni Entrepreneur Award.

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