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Pragyan 2011 - Labyrinth


 Prize money increased to 30,000 INR!!!

The journey is complete! Game Over! Thank you for playing Labyrinth!

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'Labyrinth, the truly addictive online treasure hunt. This year, get ready to put on your thinking caps and crack a series of cryptic codes  to achieve the ultimate goal. '

Pragyan brings you "Labyrinth" an online treasure hunt, with the thrills of discovery similar to that of being in an Indiana Jones adventure.

Add to that some code-breaking, puzzle cracking, brainstorming, lateral thinking and some very smart Google-ing skills, and you are on your way to getting to the treasure. Labyrinth is a race that pushes participants to peel each layer of mystery as quickly as possible. Drawing the heaps towards their ever evasive destination, this hunt promises to be a contest of high adrenaline action.

  • This single stage multi-level event (40 - 50 levels) will serve as a run up to Pragyan, climaxing on the days of Pragyan 2011.
  • This event will contain stages of varying difficulty levels, some more, some less challenging, with a beginner friendly learning curve.
  • For all those who start it now; this will not be one of those riddles where you click through in some minutes. It will take you some levels to get a feeling of it, and you should be addicted when you get there.
  • If you just are stuck, you might get some hints after trying for hours.
  • Nothing wrong about them, they hardly take anything away from the satisfaction you get from solving a riddle, also you can be sure to learn a lot from all those riddles, if you solve them properly.
  • Every level has an answer or a method that would take you to the next level. Try all to get to the next level; don't be limited to the picture or to the browser.
  • The answer of a particular level gives you access to the next level.
  • All answers are lower-case letters and numbers 0-9. Spaces, special characters are not allowed.
  • Write down all usernames and passwords, and don't forget to bookmark your last level.
  • Make up your mind about source codes. You may find something useful in the master plan of the page.
  • Most important, don't limit yourself to the mouse. You have a keyboard, you have other programs on your computer, and you have the internet(to search and download stuff).
  • Please try not to refresh the page. Refreshing pages where you submitted wrong answers would increase our record of your number of attempts.
  • If you leave labyrinth midway, and come back to it later, you will be taken to the level where you left off. However, the amount of time you took for the game is calculated from the time you started playing, and is not the time you spent on the web site.
  • The URL of the next level will have nothing to do with the URL of the current one.
  • Use Google search whenever in doubt. You can also post your doubts on our forum under "Labyrinth Tips and Tricks"

...Start playing!!!

Amey Dharwadker

Yash Usgaonkar
+91 97914 64978

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Place :1 
Name : bhuvanan
Username : bhuvanan
Email :
Institute : Coimbatore Institute of Technology
Prize : INR 8000


Place :2
Name : dharmaraj
Username : dharma
Email :
Prize : INR 6500


Place : 3
Name : Rajat Thai
Username : rajatthai
Email :
Institute : NIT Trichy
Prize : INR 5500


Place :4
Name : ishan doshi
Username : ishan
Email :
Institute : Nit Trichy
Prize : INR 4000


Place : 5
Name : Somya Singh
Username : somya
Email :
Institute : NIT Trichy
Prize : INR 3000


Place : 6
Name : harshit singh
Username : harshit
Email :
Institute : NIT TRICHY
Prize : INR 2000


Place : 7
Name : Prasad Khare
Username : prasadkhare
Username : prasadkhare
Email :
Prize : INR 1000

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