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Pragyan 2011 - Manthan



 Prize money increased to 14,000 INR!!!

Manthan, is an event involving solving of basic problems in engineering and completion of certain practical tasks.  Participants are expected to utilise the given resources and come up with ideas to produce something beneficial.
They are also expected to change the basic monolithic idea of how to get a task done and to incorporate ideas that increase the efficiency of the procedure,  thereby increasing the value of the product, even if by small amount.

In Manthan, the judicious use of resources is paramount and the ideas will be evaluated in this regard.
Participants will be given a task, some available resources and time to solve the problem. They are expected to keep all the fundamentals  engineering and science in mind. Problems require usage of various laws ranging from the simple Newton's laws of motion to the more complex laws such as hydro-dynamics.

  1. Each team will comprise maximum of 3 members. (Even if the number of members is less than three, there will be no leniency in evaluating the task completion).
  2. The team members can be from different engineering disciplines.
  3. The event will consist of 2 rounds.
    1. Prelims

      • It will be a one hour written session.

      • It will consist of objective type and one word questions.

      • The questions will be based on general science and engineering concepts. The questions won’t be specific to any engineering discipline so as to ensure fair competition among engineers of every stream.

      • 6 teams will be short-listed in the prelims and will go on to play the finals.

    2. Finals

      • The finals will be of 3 hours. The teams will have to complete 6 tasks given.
      • All the six tasks given will be same for all the teams.
      • The objective of task will be given and the ways and means of achieving the goal will be decided by the teams.

In the finals the participants should note the following: 

  • There will be a time limit for each task.
  • The winners will be decided on the basis of the extant of accuracy with which they perform the task in the given time.
  • The tasks will be given on the spot and there will be no previous hint of any kind given to the participants about it. However, we ensure that a good engineering brain will be able to do it easily. It can be about thinking, solving, building and creating. 
  • The participants will be given all the material needed to complete the tasks. Teams can not bring any kind of machines or gadgets with them during the finals.
  • For each finalist team, there will be one person from the manthan organizing team will be allotted to supervise and help.

Ishan Dave

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Rohit Sharma

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