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Pragyan 2011 - Pragyan Cube Open

Pragyan Cube Open

Cash prizes worth 65,000 INR to be won!

                  "Necessity is the mother of all inventions"

-an adage familiar to all of us. Everything around us is born out of need, the requirement for a luxurious as well as a materialistic life. The darkness of the night called for an Illumination, thus came Lamps (now upgraded into bulbs and sorts). The list goes on….

A clairvoyant stimulus incited Mr. Erno Rubik, thus giving birth to one of the famous puzzles of this millennium – The Magic Cube, more popularly called “Rubik’s Cube”. Everyone across the globe would have come across this 3-D cube, with Six Colored faces rotatable both anti-Clockwise & Clockwise. But how many of us were successful in twisting and turning the scrambled cube in right proportions and at right times to return it to its original *solved* state?  Many of us have tried..tried…tried….but with little success. It has forced us to believe that it is unsolvable.

But, would you believe your eyes if you were to see this seemingly impossible puzzle being solved in a matter of seconds? It would be hard to believe, but here at Pragyan Cube Open’11 you will see the entire cube being solved at incredible speeds in a ridiculously short time.

Speedcubers, its your time to break the existing records and set new ones.

Pragyan Cube Open’11 is not just for ‘speed’cubers. If you are a budding cuber and can solve the Rubik’s cube completely, well here is your opportunity to earmark a niche for yourself in the Cubing World, as PCO’11 is an Official World Cube Association (WCA) recognized event.

Start twisting and winning. It is YOUR time, Cubers!!

P.S: Participation is more vital than winning

We will be having the following sections in Pragyan Cube Open’11 :

  1. 2x2x2,
  2. 3x3x3,
  3. 3x3x3-OH,
  4. 3x3x3-BLD,
  5. 4x4x4,
  6. 5x5x5,
  7. Pyraminx 

WCA Delegate: Mr. John Louis

So, friends, get your cubes and start practicing, because you might be the next champion.

“Nothing is Impossible”

Rules and Regulations

  1. Registrations: On-the-spot. Participants must be present at the venue by 8:00 a.m. on the day of the event.
  2. Individuals must bring their own Cubes, we will not provide them.
  3. Judges’ result will be concluding.
  4. Participants for 3x3x3-Blindfold( BLD) must bring their own blindfolds.
  5. Times noted by the coordinators are final, no alterations will be entertained.
  6. In the 3x3x3 event, we will be having a preliminary round with the Rolling Average* of your 5 solves as the deciding factor.
  7. In the 4x4x4 and 5x5x5, we will have combined finals.
  8. Pyraminx will be conducted depending on the no. of participants and the time which can be availed.
  9. Rest, all the rules and regulations listed out by the WCA are applicable.

Note: * Rolling Average is your average with your best and worst times removed.

Eg: If your solves were (16, 25.10, 34.51, 28, 43.43), then your best time: 16 s and worst time: 43.43 s , so the Rolling average would be (25.10+34.51+28)/3= 29.20 s

Goudam  J .M.
+91-97899 66344


Nachiappan. C
+91-98407 11925


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