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Pragyan 2011 - String Theory

String Theory

Prize money increased to 3,000 INR!!!

Asimov created the Laws of Robotics AND broke them with literary panache....
What can you do??

Pragyan 2011 allows you to create your own world or bring about the Armageddon of another through its science fiction writing

competition ,"String Theory".  Generate a supernova of ideas, bend the laws of nature and set the precedent for innovations in

science and technology as you unleash your creativity and redefine "sci-fi" in every aspect.

“… there was a huge mushroom cloud in the horizon and that was the end of the world.”


1.       Start your stories in whichever way you want but END them with the above line.

2.       The works can be sent through e-mail or submitted during Pragyan ‘11 at designated collection points.

3.       The competition is open to school students, Undergraduates and Graduates ONLY.

4.       Cash prizes worth Rs. 3000 to be won! So just sit back, brainstorm and mail your entries to Formula: 0

5.       The deadline for entries is 12 midnight 19th February.

1.       Each story shall consist of only 1000 words, including the words in the final line. (No, you cannot use a morphed version

          of Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle to squeeze in more words)

2.       Each story shall have only one author.

3.       Each author shall be eligible to a single entry only. In case multiple entries are sent, the last entry made by the author will

          be considered.

4.       Send in your entries in PDF/ DOC/ DOCX format ONLY. Candidates are requested to use only CALIBRI font.

5.       Any hint of plagiarism shall result in immediate disqualification and blacklisting of the contestant for future events..

Aravind M

+91 99943 62169







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