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Pragyan 2011 - Junkyard Wars

Junkyard Wars

Cash prizes increased to 60,000 INR !!!

In Rust We Trust

In Junkyard Wars, you’re going to have to bring out the beauty in the beast. This is the closest you could possibly get to actually performing magic. The first stage of the event is an elimination round. Those who make it through to the finals will have to construct a working model from their pile o’trash and send their opponents back to the scrapheap, as they take ‘em on head-to-head.

The Prelims start at 7:00 pm on 5th February and will run till the midnight of 10th February.


Click here to take the prelims quiz. 

This event will comprise of two online eliminative rounds and an on-campus final event.

Online Round 1:

  • Online round 1 will be held between 5th -10th February.
  • It will consist of about 20 questions which should be answered in 2-3 lines.
  • Time alloted for the round will be 30 minutes.
  • Only one submission is allowed per team.
  • No modifications can be made once the answers have been submitted.
  • Questions will be based to test common sense and knowledge in basic engineering concepts.

Online Round 2:

  • Those qualified in Online round 1 will go to Online round 2.
  • Those who got through to the Online Round 2 will be contacted by e-mail and all relevant information regarding the round will be sent by the mail.
  • The contestants are expected to provide their solutions within 2 days of the receipt of the mail.
  • The decision about a team’s selection for the final On-campus event will be made on or before 14th February
  • The round is essentially a case-study variant. Different situations shall be provided and the relevant mechanism(s) and/or design should be conceived for each situation to carry out the given task perfectly.
  • Practical Problem solving skills of the participants shall be tested.
  • Only one submission is allowed per team.
  • Participants will be required to upload the solutions in .pdf or .doc format (with relevant sketches included).
  • Deadline for the qualified teams from Online Round 1 to upload their solution is 12th February.

On-Campus Final Event:

  • Five teams will be shortlisted for the final showdown. Two teams will be waitlisted.
  • The problem statement will be released on Day 0 of Pragyan.


  • Each team should consist of 5 members only.
  • Each team must formulate their own ideas and designs. Plagiarism in any form shall lead to disqualification.
  • Non working models will not be allowed to be showcased.
  • All the team members must be present during the finals.
  • Participants must comply with the rules of the Workshop Area where the model will be built.
  • Junkyard Wars is not responsible for any loss of property, injury and delays caused by participants during the event.
  • Junkyard Wars reserves the right to eliminate the participants in case of any misconduct.
  • Decisions of the judges is final and binding to all.
  • The rules indicated in the Event Format section are applicable in addition to the above mentioned.


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