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Pragyan 2011 - Rocky Pyramids

Rocky Pyramids

Cash prizes worth 35,000 INR to be won!

This event is aimed at giving robotics enthusiasts something solid to chew on .The robot has to build a pyramid with round boulders ,a problem that sounds simple but is so complex in its intricacies.


Each team has a build a manually controlled robot capable of building a pyramid of spherical boulders. The pyramid should have 10 boulders on the bottom layer and 6 in the n

Download the specifications

Download the sample arena


  • The arena consists of 4 regions, Start region, Build region, Boulder region and Foundation region.
  • The arena will be 4000mm*4000mm.
  • The Start region will be 400mm*400mm. The robot must fit completely within the start region.
  • The Foundation region will have the boundary which is the rigid support for the balls. This region will be 1000mm*1000mm.
  • The Boulder region will be 500mm*4000mm. The balls will be placed within the boulder region. The boulder region will be separated from the rest of the arena by a wall 100mm height and 30mm width.
  • The boulders will be placed within the boulder region.
  • The Build region will be the rest of the arena.
  • Within the build region will be another square 1000mm*1000mm at the center of the arena called the Construct region.


  • The manual robot has to bring the rigid support to the construct region.
  • Then the manual robot will have to collect balls form the boulder region and transport them into the construct region where the pyramid has to be constructed.
  • Each team will be given 3 mins to stack up their pyramid.
  • The bot can pick up as many balls as possible from the boulder region .
  • However, at any given point in time ONLY ONE ball can be on the FLOOR of the build region (ie) in contact with the build region. All other balls  must be in the boulder region, construct region or on the robot.
  • If there is more than one ball in the build then the construction has to be halted and all the excess balls have to be IMMEDIATELY removed from the build region and transferred back to the BOULDER region by the bot itself.


  • The maximum potential difference between two points must not be more than 12volts.
  • The robot must be within the start region at the beginning. The robot has to be confined to the boundaries of the start region.
  • The robot is manually controlled.
  • The controller can be wired or wireless. In the case of wired controllers there must be a slack on the cables at all times.
  • An external power source can be used but has to be via the controller and the voltage needs to be converted to 12 volts dc at the controller. 240V AC will be provided.
  • All parts must be fabricated except the motors and wheels can be bought.
  • The use of robotics kits will not be tolerated.
  • The use of readymade electronics kits is not allowed.


  • The ball used is a standard Tennis ball.
  • The rigid boundary will be shaped in a triangle such that it can just contain 10 balls and all the balls within the triangle just fit.


  • Each team can consist of a max of 4 members from the same or different college.
  • Each team must have registered for the event with Pragyan 2011 before the Fest begins.
  • Any damage to the arena or its layout will result in immediate disqualification of the team from the event.
  • For wired controllers, at all times there must be a slack in the cables and the cables must all be bundles together .
  • At any point in time, there CANNOT be more then one ball on the floor of the BUILD region.
  • If the situation arises then the bot must immediately stop construction and return the excess balls to the BOULDER region ONLY.


N = No. of balls placed correctly..
T = Time ( in secs) remaining off the allotted 3 mins.

No. of points scored = N + T

The bot with the maximum points WINS.

Guru Subramani 

+91  99446 84567

Ankur Prasad

+91  98405 15817


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