Concept Car Challenge


"A true designer doesn’t wait to see what the future holds...
 ...Because the future is happening in his imagination today."
C3 is an event that aims to bring out the automobile designer in you. A platform for you to showcase your vision of a dream car, what you would want to see on the roads in the future and discuss it with the professionals who actually made it big with their own concepts and ideas.
So Go Ahead. Let your imagination run wild! Invoke randomness upon thee and let your designing skill loose and come up with a super car that can would the roads of the future.

* A special prize shall be given to the most GREEN concept* 




Phase 1

• Participants are required to bring forth any innovative concept for a four-wheeled vehicle.
• It can range from designing a new aerodynamic spoiler to a whole new car which is left to the participants’ discretion.  

Phase 2

• Participants are required to provide the most appropriate solution to the problem put forth by a reputed auto maker. The problem statement will be put up soon!
• The presentation should include an outline of the concept, external appearance, highlights on specific and unique features incorporated in the concept, and a general layout of the vehicle that accounts for the placement of the essentials(engine, transmission etc.)






• Maximum of two members per team. One entry per team only.
• Participants selected for the presentation round are required to carry a bonafide certificate or identity card of their institute.
• The duration of presentation is not to exceed 5 minutes for Phase I, and 3 minutes for Phase II
• The presentation shall be followed by a question and answer session.
• Any design software (3DsMax, Catia, Pro-E, Rhino, Alias and Solid Works only) or hand drawn sketches may be used for the presentation.
• For the preliminary stage an abstract not exceeding one A4 page (std. font sizing) along with the preliminary / basic design of your concept and the solution to the questionnaire should be submitted, based on which the participants will be shortlisted.
• Click here to submit the abstract.
• Shortlisted participants will receive the automaker problem statement by mail.
• They are required to bring atleast 2 hard copies of the design; a soft copy of the presentation and the solution to the above mentioned problem statement for the event. The hard copy is expected to include any supporting textual content with the design.
• Kindly note that the images supporting the design (if any) have to be in any of the following standard image formats (jpeg, bmp, gif, png, tif only.)
Participants are to note that judge's decisions are final and binding.

Judging Criteria

• Unique primary function / concept of the vehicle
• Innovative features incorporated
• Practical relevance
• Aesthetic appeal
• Effectiveness of the solution to the problem statement.
• Solution to the questionnaire
• Apart from these, three different fields of Judge's discretion will be revealed on the spot(if any) and a separate winner for on the spot from Judge's own selection apart from main winners can also be declared.






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