Attention to all selected particpants..
People who have been shortlisted for further rounds please report in NITT campus at lecture hall 103 on 8/3/2014 at 09.30 am.
Some people get bogged by tronics, while others have resistors for dinner and capacitors for dessert (of course they throw in a few chips) and would swear tronics is their middle name. If you belong to this rare breed of circuit-mongers, you are in for a treat. Come test your tech skills against the best, build a simple but dynamic day-to-day circuit that sets everyone delirious. Have the passion, appetite? Show your limitless knowledge under limited resources and set everyone berserk. This spring-it’s time to GO TRONIC.
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First Round:
The online prelims will be for duration of one hour. The participants can participate any time during the prelims timing. However they will have to take the quiz in a single sitting of one hour.
You must be registered in order to take the test.
Second Round:
Teams short-listed will then have an on-campus second round. Given a list of components (i.e Integrated Circuits, resistors, capacitors, switches etc.), the teams will be expected to come up with a theoretical circuit implementation of a problem within a specific time duration. Factors on which candidates will be shortlisted for final round are:
No component should be used from outside the list provided.
Compatibility of implementing the circuit practically.
Robustness, efficiency of circuit will be considered in case of a tie.
Components for this round will be given free of cost from Texas Instruments!
 Final Round :
The final round will be held in an electronics lab on campus. The teams will be provided with all the components mentioned in the list. Factors on which teams will be judged are:
Working of the circuit.
The proximity of the practical implementation to that of the theoretical design.
Time, efficiency.
A team cannot consist of more than 3 members.
Prior registration is required for participating in the event and access the online prelims.
The decision of the judges will be final.

Niranjan : Formula: 0

Shadaab : Formula: 1

25000 INR to be won!!!

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