fly ash challenge

This event aims to be a strong platform for budding engineers to exhibit their innate talents and practical viewpoints in the process of acquiring an innovative solution for the given situation. With the boom in power generation, the amount of fly ash released per year has increased substantially. However when recycled successfully, fly ash has proven to be a triumph in sustainable development and environmental protection. We provide a platform for the GREEN ENGINEER in you, with the purpose of solving real environmental oriented problem faced by industries. Show your creative skills, test your technical knowledge collaborate your academic brilliance with the real life problem statement. Who knows, your solution might be a big hit in the industrial market.

Come up with an innovative and feasible way to utilise, store or dispose the fly ash generated in the power industry.

  • Participants must submit their abstract before 8th March 2014
  • Participants have to present their solution before a panel of judges with the aid of power point presentation. They must also bring along two hard copies of their abstract.
  • The teams will be questioned by the judges after the presentation.

Eligibility :
All students with a valid identity card from their respective educational institution are eligible to participate in Fly Ash Challenge.

They will be judged on the following grounds :-

  • Technical Content
  • Clarity of Presentation
  • Practical Application

Formula: 0
Formula: 1

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