Pragyan Design Challenge

Prelims for PDC Quiz has concluded. Click here to view the shorlisted teams!
“Human subtlety will never devise an invention more beautiful, more simple or more direct than does nature because in her inventions nothing is lacking, and nothing is superfluous. The human foot is a masterpiece of engineering and a work of art.”
Unleash your engineering skills, creativity and intuition, and structure your ideas into a well-defined 3D model for the design problems. 
Problem Statement:
Design a sports equipment used in the Paralympics using a CAD modeling software. If you have it in you then analyze and simulate your equipment, to check its reliability and performance.
The event is divided into two rounds:
1) Prelims:
a) A set of 20 MCQ questions testing the following aspects of design will be put-up:
i. General knowledge of orthographic views, projections, sections, elements etc in a CAD software.
ii. Geometric dimensions and tolerances.
iii. Simple problems on Analysis- static structural, dynamic structural and thermal fields.
iv. Problems based on modeling a given component and finding its centre of mass, moment of inertia, density, volume etc.
     Marks: 5 for each correct answer. No deductions for wrong response.
     BONUS Question: (NOT COMPULSORY) Making a simulation using CAD software of a given assembly or mechanism incorporating constraints as required.
     Marks: 20
1. Modelling of parts: 5
2. Final assembly: 5
3. Generation of simulation video: 5
4. Rendering and animation effects: 5
The following are to be submitted :
1) Part-model of each of individual parts in              step/iges/prt format
2) Assembly of the concerned mechanism in           asm/prt/srt     format
3) Video of the mechanism in                                      mp4/avi format.
TOP 10 teams will be shortlisted based on their scores in the prelims.
2) Main round:
The top 10 teams from the prelims are eligible for the main event. They will be given a list of events held during Paralympics. The participants are given the freedom to select any one sports equipment of their own choice from events’ list provided which will ultimately be their design problem for the main round.
The teams are required to draft and design their own prototype of the equipment and make a detailed analysis of their model and present the same during the event day which will be announced soon.
The team is expected to perform dynamic simulation, stress analysis, flow/thermal analysis, mechanical simulation if any. They carry value points.
The presentation may include
A 3-D CAD model of the design.
Assembly (if required) model
Feasibility statement of their model
Results of the analysis. ( Include project files if necessary )
Any design-optimization done by the team.
Points will be given by the judge based on quality and individuality of the presentation.
Two presentations will be selected based on two criteria: Best design & Best innovation.
A team can consist of a maximum of 4 members.
No professional assistance can be sought. All entries will be rigorously scrutinized and checked for authenticity of the design. Any team deemed unfair will be disqualified.
Prelims Questions will be released on 20th Feb’14. Teams have to submit their answers within 5pm, 27th Feb’14. 
Finalized list for the main round will be released on 2nd March’14. 
CAD software like ProE, Catia, Solid works, Autodesk inventor, etc. and CAE packages such as Ansys, MSC Adams, Hyper Mesh etc. can be used.
Decision of the judges will be final. 
Only one entry per team is allowed.

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Padmeya Indurkar : Formula: 1

20000 INR to be won!!! 

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