PC assembly All you need is a screwdriver ! Have you got what it takes to be the "commoner's computer engineer?" Will your childhood curiosity help you in assembling and booting up a disassembled PC? Come over this year and proclaim your prowess.

Exciting prizes and goodies to be won!!!

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Amidst all the high shore brain draining stuff out at Pragyan, we give you Raptor, to ease you down with science mixed with lots of fun!
Ever been a nasty kid in a packed class battling with planes from all directions? Raptor, the Paper Planes Tourney, brings a series of three exclusive events to make and test you as a skilled paper plane pilot!
Get ready to add some new folds and make your flight be the best.
May the greek gods of winds be pleased and the skies be filled with wings of paper!
Event Format:
Raptor includes three sub-events:
Workshop (held before Pragyan)
Open Challenge
The Competition.
The planes in both the following contests will be tested in Distances flown, and the Time of flights.
The Open Challenge is entirely new of its kind, in which an initial target score is pushed for any contestant to overcome. The winner's record will be set as a new challenge again, and the cycle repeats. The unbeaten succeeder at the end of the game period will be declared winner. This event would be in effect on Days 1  & 2 of Pragyan, i.e on 7th and 8th March.
The main Competition will kick off on 9 March. A short preparatory session will be held before the competition for practice.
Rules and regulations:
No special pre-requisites are expected from the participants of the workshop.
Students with valid identification card from an educational institute are allowed to take part in the competition.
For the Open Challenge,
1. Planes A run-up or fast walk as part of the launch is not permitted, nor the use of ramps or like devices. be made out of one piece of A4 paper. They have to be built at site with the provided official paper.
2. Two trials per participant are allowed. Single model can be used for two goes, the better attempt counts.
3. The sheet must be modified by folding only. No ripping, gluing, cutting, stapling or ballasting is allowed!
4. A run-up or fast walk as part of the launch is not permitted, nor the use of ramps or like devices.
Same rules apply for the Competition.
Registrations for contests will be on spot.

Maybe winning isn't about the victory but about making your opponents do the things you want them to. Suicide chess, as it is called, is all about losing. Or, is it? Gear up, as this Pragyan, brings you the game changer. Random opponents, score boards, timers.. All set for the adrenaline surging up your brain. 

Exciting prizes and goodies to be won!!!

Spot registrations!!!

Ever wanted a chance to save mankind??
Well, now’s your chance. Gear up, as there is a possibility of a meteorite shower this March. These rocks, coming from another cosmic place, god knows what materials they possess: lifesaving or deadly, we don’t know, but however we do know that it would be horrific if it winds up in the wrong hands. So it’s upto you to track it down first. Gather your crew (of four) as we put together a training exercise to separate the best from the rest. 
On Spot Registrations!!
Exciting Prizes and Goodies to be won!!
Event Format
• Each team is required to have ATLEAST one android phone with them.
• An app is to be installed onto the phone, which would be provided to them at the event registration desk.
• A clue would be given to the participants, which they are to decode which will guide them in the direction of the transmitters.
• There are three transmitters placed in a random location in the college, and the objective of the participants is to come to the point of intersection or nullsection of the signal of these transmitters.
• In this area of intersection or nullsection, there will be ONE object, which would be shown to the participants beforehand so they know what to look for. The participants are to bring this to the event registration desk as proof that they reached the spot first.
Rules and Regulations
• Each group has a maximum of FOUR people.
• Decision of the judges is final and binding to all

The world of numbers contained in a grid: join us this Pragyan to share your enthusiasm for this addictive Japanese puzzle. The newspaper feature that makes time fly away, now offers a prize for the quickest of the wizards at the festival, everyday ! Registrations on the spot. Get ready with your pencils !

Exciting Prizes and goodies!!!

On spot registrations!!!

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