The task of the participant is to identify the challenges in the following sector of the society of any particular city and suggest solutions.

  • Waste disposal
  • Water
  • Energy
  • Transport
  • Construction

The participant is expected to identify the major challenges and suggest implementable solution for any one major challenge.


Prizes worth INR 35,000 and opporunity to intern with Rakshak Foundation to practically implement your solutions under the mentorship of IAS officers and IIT/NIT professors.


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The participants are to participate in teams of 3 and submit an abstract in less than 1000 words for any of the challenges identified from the specified sectors. Sample abstract can be downloaded here

Deadline for abstarct submission: 7 February 2015

Shortlist will be announced on 16 February 2015



Top 25 teams will compete for the prize money at NITT. They will present it in front of the judges.



The submission should contain:

  • Summary of challenges

  • Identification of one major challenges and suggest solution

  • Summary of ideas

  • Vision, roadmap and execution plans

  • Economic feasibility

  • Possible hindrances in implementation of your solution.


  • Understanding the issue

  • Innovation in ideas

  • Socio-Economic impact

  • Environmental impact

  • Sustainability

  • Integration of ideas



With rapid urbanisation and industrialisation, we humans have caused a lot of environmental pollution and harms. With demand for energy increasing day by day and renewable resources depleting, one needs to judiciously use the existing resources and develop new technology that calls for alternatives to the present selection and usage of material as well as to reduce recycle and reuse the waste.Participants are expected to work towards building an ideal smart city by addressing problems faced by modern indian cities.They are required to do a case study on any indian city by identifying its major challenges in one of the various sectors mentioned below:

  1. Energy

  2. Construction

  3. Waste disposal/recycle/reuse

  4. Water

  5. Transport


They are then supposed to chose one of the problems and come up with an idea to tackle this problem in an economic and eco friendly manner using the current know how.



1. Is it maximum of 3 people or strictly a team of 3?

    Its a maximum of 3.But no special credit for teams with lesser participants.


2. Are UG-PG collaboration teams,cross college teams allowed?



3. Is any registration fee required?

    Nope.Except for registration in Pragyan No special fee is needed



Participants might want to look up on the following lines to address the issues:

1.Look up for the power cuts and power requirements per day in the given city

2.Find out the type and number of vehicles that run on the roads and analyse the subsequent impacts on the environment in terms of maybe pollution

3.Look up for the type of waste generated mainly by Residential and industries.Decide upon strategies of recycling or reusing them or efficient ways of disposal

4.Check the water availability and scarcity present in the city. Discuss upon ways to tackle that

5.Investigate on the present methodologies and materials used for construction.  Work on lines like for example designing building with materials that provide heating or cooling depending on external condition   (Just an example to guide, you might want to look up for more innovations).

For information regarding power cuts, water scarcity look into newspaper article and magazines and forum where in such issues are discussed.


Sample abstract can be downloaded here.

The entire details for Greenville can be downloaded here


Formula: 0


Ashwin Balaji

Formula: 1


Formula: 2


Faculty Advisor


Assistant Professor                     

Department - Civil Engineering


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