Luckily for us, our planet-mates-the fantastic meshwork of plants, animals, and microbes--have been patiently perfecting their wares since, an incredible 3.8 billion years since the first bacteria.In that time, life has learned to fly, circumnavigate the globe, live in the depths of the ocean and atop the highest peaks, craft miracle materials, light up the night, lasso the sun's energy, and build a self-reflective brain. Collectively, organisms have managed to turn rock and salted water into a life- friendly home, with steady temperatures and smoothly percolating cycles. In short, living things have done everything we want to do, without guzzling fossil fuel, polluting the planet, or mortgaging their future. What better models could there be for us looking for innovations in industries?


Prizes worth INR 30,000


Please post your queries related to this event at​

  • It is an online event
  • Consists of two rounds.

  • Submit your abstract through mail to

  • Participants are required to make an abstract of less than 1000 words of their study and a brief introduction of their idea. Teams need to submit their abstract by 10.02.2015

  • Shortlisted participants are required to work on their ideas and present it in the form of a presentation explaining their solutions in detail. The presentation should be submitted by 20.02.2015.

  • The abstract cannot exceed 1000 words.
  • The presentation cannot exceed 30 slides.


Rank No 1.)"Biomimicking of natural cylindrical shells with foam cores: Applications in structural elements" 
                    The Team : Abraham William Carey G, Nikitaa Sivaakumar, Ramya Sundar

Rank No 2.)"Packet transmission in a network inspired from veins of leaves."
                  (we dont have team names . The ppt name is : Vaishnavi_inspinature.pptx)

Rank No 3.) "Project Dirtworm. A Blue Frog initiative"
                     Team : Adithya Vikram Skathivel and Jeswin Williams


  • Understanding of the bioprocess/design.
  • Creativity/Innovation in the idea.
  • Extent of development in the Idea.
  • Potential for Impact.
  • Scalability.
  • Economic feasibility.
  • Quality of presentation.



Prashant Dhawan, Co-founder Biomimicry India Network

Prashant is the Co-founder of the Biomimicry India Network. He holds a degree in Architecture from SPA Delhi , a PGP from ISB Hyderabad and he is currently pursuing the Biomimicry Professional Certification Program from the Biomimicry Institute, USA (2013 cohort) . In his 21 years of work experience Prashant has been an entrepreneur-practitioner apart from working with a range of firms in various roles where he was involved in diverse projects ranging from documenting the Alchi Monastry in Ladak, being the Campus Architect for the expansion of Dyal Singh College in Delhi, developing ‘Zest’ for Mahindra Holidays to working as Head of Campus Development at the Indian Institute for Human Settlements. He is one of the few architects who provided design services in the walled city (Shajahanabad) in Delhi. He has also written on issues related to design and especially human centered design.

Prashant prefers to call himself an amateur researcher of issues related to sustainable happiness and well being.


Seema Anand, Co-founder Biomimicry India Network

Seema Anand is a Biomimicry Specialist (Biomimicry 3.8 Institute, USA, 2011) & a practicing Architect in Bangalore.  She spent  initial part of her career discovering, learning and working on vernacular architecture, which ingeniously uses only local resources in the built environs. After a short stint in conservation architecture she in now involved in large scale urban projects and issues. With a focus on working towards sustainable habitats, she considers Biomimicry as a ‘lighthouse’ that will guide her approach to design and problem solving. She consults and teaches biomimicry approach in the field of design. She is a visiting faculty in RV College of Architecture, Bangalore, India. Some of the prestigious places where she has taught biomimicry include Tongji University, National Institute of Design, Bangalore and Shristi school of Art, Design and Technology, Bangalore.

She is the co-founder of “Biomimicry India Network”, a network which aims to spread awareness and catalyze biomimicry in India. She is also the co-founder of “Biomimicry India Lab and Studio”, a company which consults and undertakes research in the field of biomimicry




  • Nature has been used to inspire many engineering innovations. From the simple velcro straps that we use to the winglets on the Airbus A380.
  • Require students to come up with an inspiration from nature that is feasible,energy efficient,can be implemented in the real world that can make our lives better.

  • The students are to work on their idea,analyze its pro's and con's,generate approximate statistics,(like energy consumed per hour,pollutants released per hour,etc, when it is implemented on a specified scale) and prepare a report/presentation based on their work.

1. Is it maximum of 3 people or strictly a team of 3?

    Its a maximum of 3.But no special credit for teams with lesser participants.


2. Are UG-PG collaboration teams,cross college teams allowed?



3. Is any registration fee required?

    Nope.Except for registration in pragyan No special fee is needed

The entire details for Inspinature can be downloaded here

Prashanth Kallur   

Formula: 0


Harini Narayanan  

Formula: 1


Sriram Ravichandran 

Formula: 2


Formula: 3

Faculty Advisor

Dr. M. Arivazhagan

Associate Professor

Department - Chemical Engineering

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