We believe that the beauty of science is realised the best when it's applied to the elemental scenarios that sum up our daily lives and by amplifying it until the brim of a whole new innovation. One such scenario is a paper plane.

 Aerogami is an opportunity to unravel the principles behind design and working of paper planes and their applications in live size aeroplanes. You get to learn the mesmerising 'cause-and-effect's that demystify the making of a fighter (paper) plane pilot through the workshop we bring to you. What's more? You get to test your mettle in folding and launching your paper planes in the competition



Attractive goodies to be won.


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Aerogami is a beautiful blend of science and craft. Our event(s) are designed to pull out maximum output from you by two main stages:
1. Workshop
2. Competition

 A compact workshop charted to maximise the utilisation of all resources in hand, also holding the fun factor constantly high throughout the sections. Elaborate time slots are allotted for theoretical, practical and troubleshoot analysis of paper planes in a single session stretching for about 2 hours, Practical and Troubleshoot sections being the highlight of the whole event.

 A simple and hassle free competition to test the ranges and times of flights of your planes.
Participants are expected to register on the spot, and fold and launch the planes abiding to the rules fixed. Two official papers would be provided to each participants and two planes are to be folded out of them. Three trials per participant are allowed. Range and Time of flights will be recorded for both the trials.

No special prerequisites are expected from the participants of the workshop.
For the Competition:

  • 1. TWO A4 sheets of paper will be provided on registration, which can be used to fold TWO paper planes.

  • 2. EACH plane must be made out of ONE piece of A4 paper. They have to be built ON THE SPOT with the official paper provided.

  • 3. Plane can only be made by FOLDING the paper and tearing, pasting, cutting, etc are not permitted. Sheet of paper as a whole should be used to craft a plane.

  • 4. Single model can also be used for all the three trials, the better attempt counts.

Participants will be tested on two aspects

1.Time of Flight and



1. What do I do at the competition, exactly?

  •  Register at our stall
  •   Fold and launch your paper planes following the rules given.
  •   Continue your journey with pragyan while we get back to you with final results at the end of the day!!

2. How do I register to your event?
    Ping the contacts given for any query, or like our page for  workshop registrations. Competition will have on the spot registrations.


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Faculty Advisor

Dr. T. Ramesh

Assistant Professor

Department - Mechanical Engineering

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