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This competition aims at testing the mettle of a creative engineer and also the level of your imagination. This will also be analyzing your spontaneity to the problems and also the level of creativity in your approach.



Attractive goodies to be won.


Please post your queries related to this event at

•This is a solo event.

•This comprises of three stages.

•All the participants will be allowed to compete in all the rounds.

•When a participant registers, the participant will first finish stage 1 , then move on to stage 2, followed by stage 3.

Stage 1:

  • Mechanical components (like parts of a clutch) will be provided.

  • The participants will be told what they have to assemble but a blue-print will not be provided.

  • The participants will have to imagine how the parts should be fixed and then assemble them using the right set of tools.

Stage 2:

  • A disassembled electronic device will be provided.( Eg. A radio).

  • Blue-print of the device will not be provided.

  • The participant will have to show his/her creativity again and figure out how to assemble it properly.

Stage 3:

  • A disassembled PC will be provided.

  • Appropriate tools for assembling will be provided.

  • How the motherboard works and how the various components are assembled. The components will consist of a motherboard( Processor may or may not be soldered in), hard disk, power system, RAM, CD Drive, thermal grease etc.

  • The contestants will have to assemble it and boot it up.


Anyone can attend the workshop

We will tell them how an operating system interacts with the motherboard and what role each component plays

  • Time will not be paused if the contestant approaches the event manager

  • The Organizers decision is final



Stage 1:10 points  Stage 2: 10 points Stage 3: 20 points


A contestant’s final score will be average of all the scores he/she obtains

All Stages:

The contestant will have to assemble the parts as fast  and as accurately as possible

The contestant who matches our time or gets lesser time than us will receive 10 points

If a contestant  exceeds the time limit then he/she will be awarded randomly based on how their work was till then

If a contestant approaches the event manager more than three times then he will be penalized ( -1 point for every time he/she approaches for help)

Time will not be paused if the contestant approaches the event manager

If the contestant damages any equipment then he/she will be penalized (-2 points for each time s/he damages)

The Organizers decision is final

For PC ASSEMBLY ,  the contestants will be given points based on:

Time( Same as above) : 10 points

How efficiently they arrange the parts inside ( 2 points) so that replacing parts in a hypothetical future is very easy

How they can dissipate the heat generated properly ( 2 points) i.e. applying thermal grease etc.

If the parts have been properly connected ( 2 points)

Finally, if the system boots up ( 4 points)

To design a model of a simple mechanism which will be specified on the spot within the time limit from the different materials provided. The materials include the necessary parts, tools and accessories essential to create the mechanism.



1. Who can participate?
Students from any college can participate. If you have never worked with electronic parts or meddled with your old PC before then fear not, just read a little about how to handle electronic parts. Rest we will help you before the competition.

2. How many can participate?
It is a solo event so only one.

3. I am currently not enrolled in a college. Can I participate?
No. Only those with a valid college ID can participate.

4. Is pre-registration necessary?
No. You can  register on-spot too.

5. Will participation certificate be provided?
No. but  goodies will be provided.

Sambit Sarkar              

Formula: 0


Vamshi N                       

Formula: 1


Formula: 2

Faculty Advisor


Assistant Professor

Department - Mechanical Engineering

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