Stage 1:10 points  Stage 2: 10 points Stage 3: 20 points


A contestant’s final score will be average of all the scores he/she obtains

All Stages:

The contestant will have to assemble the parts as fast  and as accurately as possible

The contestant who matches our time or gets lesser time than us will receive 10 points

If a contestant  exceeds the time limit then he/she will be awarded randomly based on how their work was till then

If a contestant approaches the event manager more than three times then he will be penalized ( -1 point for every time he/she approaches for help)

Time will not be paused if the contestant approaches the event manager

If the contestant damages any equipment then he/she will be penalized (-2 points for each time s/he damages)

The Organizers decision is final

For PC ASSEMBLY ,  the contestants will be given points based on:

Time( Same as above) : 10 points

How efficiently they arrange the parts inside ( 2 points) so that replacing parts in a hypothetical future is very easy

How they can dissipate the heat generated properly ( 2 points) i.e. applying thermal grease etc.

If the parts have been properly connected ( 2 points)

Finally, if the system boots up ( 4 points)

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