Fox hunt

  • Initially the participant will be given an app in which the clues are provided in order to find the transmitter.
  • All the teams will be given a key to open the lock of the given app at a time to get the clues.

  • The participants have to decode the clues so that they can track the transmitter

  • Three transmitters will be put and at the null point of the three transmitter the main clue will be kept.Finally they have to decode the last clue which will lead them to the treasure.

  • They have to find the treasure within the specified time.They must bring the treasure to the starting point as a proof that they have finished the game in time .

  • If they couldn't, the team which is closest to the treasure will be announced winners.

  • This can be decided by the number of transmitters a team has found.Judges decision will be the final .



  Attractive goodies to be won.


Please post your queries related to this event at

  • The event will be conducted among 10 teams per session.
  • Each team will have 3 members .

  • The team which finds more number of transmitters will get the goodies.

  • Spot registrations are also allowed.


  • The task must be completed within a specified time.
  • The participants must not try to open the lock of the app before the declaration of the key by the event managers.

  • Motor vehicles are not allowed.

  • Treasure will be at the null point which can be found out using the given android app.


  • Organizers decision will be final.

  • If no team is able to locate the treasure, then the teams which are closer to the treasure at the end of the given time will be annonuced as winners.

1. Is it strictly a team of 3 ?

Ans. A maximum of 3 members are allowed . Advised to have 3 in a team  .


2. Will one android phone be suffice ?

Ans . At Least one android phone is must for the event . Team without android phone will not be allowed .  Advisable to have Android Version Ice Cream Sandwich or higher .


3. Will the app work in Windows Phone too ?

Ans. No . The app is only compatible with Android Phones . Advisable to have Android Version Ice Cream Sandwich or higher .


4. Will the instructions be given how to use the app ?

Ans . Along with installing the app in your phone , all the instructions will be given how to use the app .


5. Should we register pre-hand for the event ?

Ans . On Spot Registrations are allowed . Timings will be announced later .


6. How long will the event be ?

Ans . The event will be held throughout the day.


7.Are cross-college teams allowed?

Ans. Yes


Naga Prasad

Formula: 0


Manideep Gvns

Formula: 1


Formula: 2

Faculty Advisor

Dr. T. Ramesh

Assistant Professor

Department - Mechanical Engineering

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