Leap Action


It is based  on the  latest motion sensing technology  called the  Leap Motion Controller, which can sense, process and respond to a huge  variety of finger/hand gestures                                                 

The event is all about solving a Ball Maze using the Leap Motion device.

 It’s a single player game.

 The player will be controlling the  maze disc  angle (pitch and ROLL)  by palm  gestures to get the  2 balls  from periphery to center of the disc.


Attractive goodies to be won.


Please post your queries related to this event at

The time taken by the participant to solve ( i.e. to bring both balls at the center of the maze)  the maze will be considered..
Every  3 hours , we will announce the name of the person who took the LEAST time to solve the maze. And give out exciting goodies !

Timings :  Stall will be put up on all days of Pragyan’15. From 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

  •  The participant is not allowed to use 2 hands  to solve the maze at any cost.

  •  Once played, next attempt can be made only after the present 3 hour round gets over.

  •  Touching the maze, or the Leap , will lead to disqualification.

1. Why prefer the Leap Motion over other motion sensing technologies ?
Ans: Well, Leap is precise,compact and very responsive to gestures compared to Kinect or other competitors.

2. Can we know how you are talking to the Leap Motion Controller?

Ans: Its all about the magic of Python. Leap library of Python is used to serially receive data and carried over to the Arduino via the COM port

3. Can we know how to exploit this technology for projects from you?
Ans: Yes,absolutely.We welcome you to ask us more and more about the scope of this device. Get the best ideas of using the Leap in your projects from us!

4.Is there any qualifying criteria ?
Ans: Nope.Its an informal event. Come, try out the maze and win ! 

Watch this video to get a good idea of how you’re gonna solve the maze ! :

Girish Kumar

Formula: 0

Arnab Saha

Formula: 1

Formula: 2

Faculty Advisor

Dr. T. Ramesh

Assistant Professor

Department - Mechanical Engineering

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