1) What is Puzzlemania ?

    It is a puzzle game which focuses on assessing the analytical and problem solving capability of the participants. Types of puzzles will be like Sudoku, Kakuro, Str8ts, word puzzle , number puzzles, riddles, etc.


2) When will the event happen ?

    Please check the schedule for Venue and timings. For further queries contact event manager.


3) What do I need to bring for the event ?

    Bring pen/ pencil for writing the paper. NIT Trichy students need to give their Roll No. and others should have their Pragyan’15 ID with them.


4) Is this a team event ?

    No ,this is NOT a team event. Individual participation is required. If anyone is caught doing any malpractice, his/her participation will be cancelled.


5) How to register for Puzzlemania ?

    On spot registration will be done, no prior preregistration required.


6) What is the event format ?

    It will be held in two rounds. In first round, question papers will be distributed at desk and participants have to submit it back in time. Those qualified will be called for second round  and instructions regarding that will be given.


7) What is Sudokube and how it will be included in PuzzleMania ?

    Sudokube is a variation of  Rubik’s Cube in which the faces have numbers one to nine on the sides instead of colors. The aim is to solve Sudoku puzzles on one or more of the sides. It will be included in Level 2 Only. Cubes will be provided and 20 minutes are allotted for solving and returning it. Faster solution will be given preference. There is no partial marking.


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