Snake and Ladder

Using a life sized Snakes and Ladders game field, participants will be able to play Snakes and Ladders as the pieces on the board. They will play the game using a life sized dice and whenever they reach a snake or ladder on the board, they will be asked to answer a technical question. Ready to climb some ladders and dodge some venomous snakes?


Attractive goodies to be won.


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  • Each game will take place for a maximum of 20 minutes, with 6-7 teams playing in a game.

  • Each team will have 2 members, who will take the place of the board piece.

  • Questions will be asked to the contestants each time they encounter a snake or a ladder.

  • The difficulty of question will increase and after 60-70 squares possible question will be: Name the company whose slogan is the ‘power of dreams’?

  • No prior registration is required to participate in this.

  • First team to reach the end of the board is declared winner and the game ends.

  • If a game takes more than 20 minutes to complete then the team which has progressed the furthest is declared the winner and the game ends.

  • When a team lands on a snake, the team whose turn comes after them are allowed to choose the question for the current team from a group of unseen questions. If the current team answers correctly, they are not penalized for landing on a snake. However, an incorrect answer will get them penalized and the team will follow the snake down.

  • When a team lands on a ladder, they will choose their own question from a group of unseen questions and similarly, a correct answer will allow them to take the ladder up. If answered incorrectly, they cannot climb the ladder.

  • All other rules are as per the classic Snakes and Ladders.

As mentioned before, the first team to finish wins. So hopefully your luck charm works and you’ll avoid the snakes to a win.

1. Are cross-college teams allowed?

    Yes, Teams will be of 2 members each, and it is quite fine if one participant is from one college and the other is from another college


2. What is the time limit of each game?

    20 minutes maximum time for each game or first team to reach the end of the board wins and thereby ends the game.


3. If the time limit is exceeded, then what?

    If we cross the 20 minute time limit, AND no team has reached the end of the board, then the team which has progressed the furthest on the board is declared the winner.


4. What kind of questions can a participant expect from the event?

    We will be testing mainly the logical thinking and puzzle solving capabilities of a participant, with a few technical and general knowledge questions sprinkled in. The questions however, will be such that no participant will feel disadvantaged by competing against someone who is more technically qualified (e.g. a first year need not feel disadvantaged by competing with a 4th year student).


5. Are there any other preliminary requirements for the event?

    No, being an informal event, there are no prior requirements. All we ask is that you come prepared to have fun.


6. Are there any prelims?

    No, each game is final with 6-7 teams participating, and at the conclusion there will be one winner.


None. Our questions will be on the technical side, but they will be such that there will be very little advantage for say, a final year student over a first year. All that we ask is that you come prepared to have fun.


Abinesh Kumar

Formula: 0


Formula: 1


Formula: 2

Faculty Advisor

Dr. T. Ramesh

Assistant Professor

Department - Mechanical Engineering

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