The event consists of three rounds. First one is eliminatory, second is qualifying round and third is the final round.


•  First round: Range test

Here the maximum range is tested. The distance between the launch pad and the point of landing is measured and taken to be the points in that round. From this, 15-20 people will be shortlisted for the next round.

•  Second round: Accuracy test

 At a distance of 70m from the launch pad, a target is placed. Target contains concentric circles of radii 2m, 4m and 6m. If the rocket lands at the centre, team gets 100 points, second ring 75 points, and outer ring 50 points. If otherwise, no points are awarded. Three teams will qualify for the final round. In the case of any tie, the time of flight will be noted and the team with the least time gets into the next round.

•  Third round: Battle of rockets

Three teams to get selected (say A,B,C) are assured of prizes, but the battle will be against each other for their position in top three. The targets will be paper castles and will be aligned in an arc. The teams will try to destroy their opponents’ castles. The time taken to destroy an opponent’s castle will be the indicator for positions. For example, the team that manages to destroy the opponent’s castle first/with the least number of attempts will win the first prize.


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