Max 3 participants. These Participants can be from different colleges too.

· The rocket and its components must be handmade. No readymade rocket is allowed.

· The rocket body should be made only with plastic bottles of aerated soft drinks of maximum capacity 2.5L and should be free of any fabrication failures or    dents caused by heat exposure. More than one bottle can be used but the total volume must be less than 2.5L.

· Each team MUST have their own launch pads.

· The water rocket must use only compressed atmospheric air as its source of energy. Pressure compressors (foot pump) shall be provided at the venue. The pressure inside the container (rocket body) before launch should NOT exceed 60 psi for the first two rounds.

· Water to be filled in the rockets will be provided by the organizers. Calculations regarding amount of water to be used is left to the choice of the team.

· Two trials will be given to each team and best of two will be taken into consideration.

· The rocket must be launched from a stationary position using a fixed launch pad. Slingshots, trebuchets, catapults, cannons, and all other devices that may assist launching are strictly prohibited.In other words, the internal pressure of the rocket must be the only source of energy for the rocket.

· Water rockets can have multiple stages. Parachute, gliding mechanisms are permitted.

· Use of electronic components and chemical explosives are banned.

· The point where the rocket hits the ground first will be taken as the point of landing and measurements will be taken considering this point.

· Teams are advised to get more than one water rocket, in case of any damage to one. But the water rockets must be identical.

· The participants are allowed to use variations of their water rockets in different rounds. However, only one design must be maintained throughout a single round.

· The team will be disqualified/given another chance to remodel if the model is found to be dangerous in anyway. Decision of the organizers is final and binding.

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