The name of the Event is inherited from Lady Ada, considered to be the first Computer Programmer in the world. Adaventure epitomizes fun and coding in the software arena. The event will provide a platform to the coding aspirants to showcase their talents. It consists of 3 sub-events:

  •        Crazy Programming

  •        Bot Wars

  •        PairProgramming                                                                                                                     


To participate in Adaventure, visit Also ensure that the registration is done in Adaventure website also.

Prizes worth INR 40,000


Please post your queries related to this event at

(a) Crazy Programming -

It is focused on the participant’s ability to code efficiently in C. The event is so named because the participants are supposed to write crazy codes having the minimum weight. The participants are provided with a set of problems for which they need to code in C. The objective of the event is to test a programmer’s ability to write correct code with minimum weight. This is meant to be a fun event and not an algorithmic challenge. The weight for the programs will be calculated as follows:

Symbol/Pattern/Keyword Weight

Characters (both lowercase and uppercase), Underscore (_) and Dollar Sign ($)

Digits 100
Arithmetic Operators (+, -, *, /)    1000
Relational Operators (<, >) 50
BITWISE Operators (~, ^, |, &) 10
Assignment Operator (=) 5
Switch 500
Case 50
While  3000
For 5000
Goto  100


 The following header files have been included by default:

  •       stdio.h

  •       string.h

  •       ctype.h

We suggest that you use standard I/O Functions – scanf() and printf().


(b)   Bot Wars

This event tests the candidates on their Anticipation, Prediction and Expectation Skills. The teams are required to code an AI for the scenario. Your AI will be fielded against other AIs in a tournament. Thinking about the possibilities and working through the scenarios will give you the winning edge.

  • Each team will have a total of 6 units – 3 foot soldiers, 2 tanks, 1 chopper and 1  structure i.e. the Headquarter

  • Each unit will be able to move a specific number of grids in each turn, maximum by the chopper and minimum by the foot soldiers. The damages they can induce and the range can also vary

  • The objective is to destroy the opponent’s HQ before they destroy yours OR Eliminate all of their units

  • You can move any one unit only once in  a turn

  • The Arena is  a 20 × 15 Grid Map

  • In the league round, each AI will be played against every other AI

  • For the next round, 12 AIs will be selected out of which 6 will move to the next round

  • Out of the 6 AIs, 2 will move on to the Final Round

  • The Final Match will be shown live


(c)    Pair Programming

Working hard on your code in every event ?? What about working hard on your opponent’s codes ?? Well, this event gives you the opportunity to work on your code as well as on others codes.

This event consists of two phases:

First Phase:

  •    A Coding Phase in which a set of problems will be given and the participants have to submit the correct solutions for the problems

  •    The solution need not be efficient. It just needs to be correct

Second Phase:

  •    The shortlisted participants have to remove a part from their submitted code

  •    You will be given the incomplete codes of all other shortlisted users which you have to complete and submit

  •    Cracking someone’s code will fetch you points and if your code gets cracked, you will lose points.


(a)    Crazy Programming

.  The C code should compile with gcc-4.4.6+ (Turbo C should not be used)

·  exit(0) is mandatory to be used at the end of the Program.

·  No Pre-processor Directives should be included

·  Do not use fflush(). Using it will return Incorrect Code

·  The live Leader Board is only for informational purpose and can’t be cited as the final reference.

·  You may try to solve a problem as a team, but a specific code must be submitted only once. Submitting the same solution (even algorithm) by the different members of the team will be treated as unfair and only the first submitted code will be considered for evaluation.

·  The decision of the ADAVENTURE Team will be final and binding.


(b)    Bot Wars

·   Participants will have to make their AI and submit it

·   A demo AI will be provided for testing

·   Prizes are based on tournament outcome only

·   The decision of the ADAVENTURE Team will be final and binding.


(c)    Pair Programming

.   The C code should compile with gcc-4.4.6+ (Turbo C should not be used)

.   The Prize Structure will be put up on the website.

.   The live Leader Board is only for informational purpose and can’t be cited as the final reference

.   The decision of the ADAVENTURE Team will be final and binding


Crazy Programming – Weights will be computed for every submitted code and the code with the least weight will be the winner


Bot Wars –   The winner will be decided based on the tournament outcome only.


Pair Programming – The Participant with the maximum points will be the winner.

1. Who can participate in ADA’VENTURE?

    Students from any college or university of India can participate in ADA’VENTURE.


2. If ADA’VENTURE is an event, what are Crazy Programming, Bot Wars and Pair  


     ADA’VENTURE is an event in PRAGYAN 2015. Crazy Programming, Bot War and Pair

     Programming are the three sub-events which constitute ADA’VENTURE.


3. I have registered for Crazy Programming. Can I participate in Bot Wars and Pair


     Yes, all three events are independent of each other although they all are managed by

     the same team. You can participate in all the three events.


4. How many members are allowed in a team?

    All the events under ADA’VENTURE are individual events. A Participant will be

    participating as an individual only and no team is required.


5. My Code is getting compiled successfully in Turbo C. Will it be accepted?

    The submitted code should compile in gcc-4.4.6+ compilers. Turbo C should not

     be used.


6. My code is working fine on my system. In Crazy Programming, whenever I submit my code, its returning ‘incorrect code’.

    You might have used fflush() in your code. Remove fflush() and try submitting the code again.


7. When will the results be declared?

    The results will be declared on the final day of Pragyan.


8. How will the winners be informed about the results?

    The results will be updated on the leader board  for that particular event.

    The ADA’VENTURE Team will also personally contact all the winners.


9. Will participation certificates be provided?

    The Certificates will be given to the winners only


The entire details for Adaventure can be downloaded here

Enkesh Gupta

Formula: 0


Arun Kumar Meena

Formula: 1

Formula: 2

Faculty Advisor

Dr.B. Janet

Assistant Professor

Department - Computer Applications

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