(a) Crazy Programming -

It is focused on the participant’s ability to code efficiently in C. The event is so named because the participants are supposed to write crazy codes having the minimum weight. The participants are provided with a set of problems for which they need to code in C. The objective of the event is to test a programmer’s ability to write correct code with minimum weight. This is meant to be a fun event and not an algorithmic challenge. The weight for the programs will be calculated as follows:

Symbol/Pattern/Keyword Weight

Characters (both lowercase and uppercase), Underscore (_) and Dollar Sign ($)

Digits 100
Arithmetic Operators (+, -, *, /)    1000
Relational Operators (<, >) 50
BITWISE Operators (~, ^, |, &) 10
Assignment Operator (=) 5
Switch 500
Case 50
While  3000
For 5000
Goto  100


 The following header files have been included by default:

We suggest that you use standard I/O Functions – scanf() and printf().


(b)   Bot Wars

This event tests the candidates on their Anticipation, Prediction and Expectation Skills. The teams are required to code an AI for the scenario. Your AI will be fielded against other AIs in a tournament. Thinking about the possibilities and working through the scenarios will give you the winning edge.


(c)    Pair Programming

Working hard on your code in every event ?? What about working hard on your opponent’s codes ?? Well, this event gives you the opportunity to work on your code as well as on others codes.

This event consists of two phases:

First Phase:

Second Phase:


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