Gaming Minifest

Are you:
A EA Sportsgame developer confident of his skills?A designer thirsty for recognition?
A person who loves video games in general?
Or someone Simply reading this?
This is the Minifest for all types of gaming enthusiasts be it developers, designers, or gamers. We have three different events which will test participants in the three fields described above. These are elaborated below:

Game Development Competition:

You have creativity. You’re confident of your abilities. But, can you create something good in the time space of twelve hours? Can you work efficiently enough to deliver excellence quickly?
Or are you someone who’s simply interested in the art of game development, but have had no experience in actual creation?
The game development competition will put your skills to test as you fight to deliver the best possible product facing tough rules and difficult themes. May the best developer win.


Are you the sort of person who simply loves finding out what they can get away with in GTA? Or the guy trying out the craziest possible way to complete a mission in Splinter Cell? This event is for you then. Test Beta versions of games by simply pushing the game to its limits and observing whether it reacts appropriately.

UI/UX Portfolio review:

Are you a design enthusiast? Are you filled with interesting ideas for design, but was never taken seriously enough by your friends and teachers? Do you crave for a honest review of your UI/UX design portfolio? Then hop on, register for the event, and simply prepare your portfolio and wait, for at Pragyan 2015, your portfolio will be reviewed by a master of this art.


Prizes worth INR 45,000


Please post your queries related to this event at

Game Development Competition:

This is a team event with a maximum of three members per team. The event consists of two stages:

Stage 1:

  • This is an online stage.

  • Participants are requested to complete a task described in the Problem Statement.

  • This task will involve the creation of a game with certain specific properties described there.

  • The working game as a .zip file and the URL of the source code put up in github must be sent to, with details of how to install and play the game.

  • If the game is found to be satisfactory, it will be accepted. Participants will receive an email regarding the results.

  • The submission should be made on or before 11:59 pm, Feb 18, 2015. Emails regarding results will be mailed before Feb 22, 2015.

  • Results will also be put up on the Pragyan website.


Stage 2:


  • This stage is an offline event. Participants are requested to be present in NIT Trichy.

  • The participants are required to register on the Gaming Minifest desk to participate in the competition.

  • This is a theme based game development competition. The theme for the game, along with certain surprise rules, will be declared sometime on day '0' of Pragyan.

  • Participants will be given 12 hours to develop and submit their game. The developed game should be submitted to the Gaming Minifest desk. The files submitted should include the working game, the source code, and a document relating to what the game is about, including instructions on how to play the game, and how to install the game, including details about genre, platform, and so on.
  • Drinking water will be provided at the facility. Food and snacks can be bought through the various food stalls and restaurants within NIT Trichy.
  • Experienced judges will review the submitted games and the winner will be declared on day 1 of Pragyan.


Beta Testing


  • This is an individual event held in Pragyan.

  • Participants are required to create an account on site before beginning the event.

  • Each game, and game developer, will be given one particular booth in the area. Participants are requested to navigate booths to play different games.

  • Each participant will be allotted 45 minutes at max at each booth.

  • The participant is required to put the game through a variety of situations to test the games functionality

  • Rewards for the participants will be based upon the number of unique bug reports processed. In every three hour period, the participant with the highest number of unique bug reports will be awarded special goodies.


UI/UX Portfolio Review:


  • This is an individual event. Not a team event.

  • About twenty of the participants registered will be selected on first come first serve basis for the review process.

  • Hence, registration is necessary. The participant is required to register, and confirm his/her participation two weeks before Pragyan.

  • Each participant is given a maximum of 10 minutes to present his/her portfolio in the usual formats.

  • The portfolio submitted will then be reviewed by a professional.

Game Development Competition:

  • Maximum 3 in a team.
  • The game can be created on any platform.

  • Any software can be used during game development.

  • Only original work will be accepted.

  • Participants are required to bring their own software and laptops at the venue. Internet connectivity will be provided. They are responsible for their own belongings.

  • Only one submission per team is allowed, for both the online and offline rounds.

  • All members of each team should register for the event before sending the Stage 1 submission. The mail should contain the e-mail addresses of each member of the team and each member should register in the Pragyan website.

  • Submissions should not exceed 100 MB.

  • Each submission should contain all files necessary,as specified in format.

  • Each team should identify one member as their leader. All interactions will be through that person.

  • The theme will be released to each team after registration at the Gaming Minifest Desk.

  • Late submissions will not be entertained.

  • In case of dispute, the judge’s decision is final.

  • Judging will require that the participants present their game to the judges, informing them of all the features implemented, and so on.


Beta testing:

  • It is an individual event.

  • Participant is requested to submit the details in the bug report honestly.


UI/UX Portfolio Review:

  • Each participant is allotted ten minutes to present their portfolios.

  • It is an individual event.

  • The participants are requested to register for the event.

  • On a first come, first serve, the number of participants will be kept to about 20. 

Game Development Event:


Judging for the first round will be simply based on whether the submitted app actually accomplishes the task set.

Judging for the second round will be based on a Point score decided by the following criteria:

  • Relevance to the theme: A submission more relevant to the theme will be awarded more points. Weightage: 30%.

  • Visual Appeal: A game with higher visual appeal will be better appreciated by the users and judges alike and will be awarded more points.    Weightage: 20%.

  • Gameplay: The most important aspect of every game. This will be judged based on the number and quality of meaningful interactions implemented in the game. Weightage: 50%.

  • The gameplay of the game will be judged based on a more comprehensive list of questions:

  1. Whether the core gameplay mechanics implemented are understandable and appealing. (25%)

  2. Whether the game is exciting/tense to play. (10%)

  3. Whether there exists good player feedback for player actions. (15%)

  4. Whether the game performs well and responds crisply to input. (20%)

  5. Whether the game is easy to learn/use. (15%)

  6. Whether the game is appropriately challenging. (15%)


UI/UX Portfolio Review:

Judging will be based on the following elements of the portfolio:

  • Tool mastery: In this area participants will be judged based on how well they are able to explain about the tools they used and how the tools function.

  • Process focus: In this area participants will be judged based on how effectively they are able to present the process by which they created their portfolio.

  • Key concept communication

  • Applied perceptiveness: Here participants are judged based on whether they have fully understood what they are trying to achieve and break it down in a new way.(their own perspective)

  • Visual syntax and grammar: How well the participants are able to convey whatever they have done using the visuals in their portfolio.

  • Range of expertise in whatever the participant has used to create his portfolio and project.

Game Development Competition:

Create a 2D game which contains the following features:

  • A Main Menu to access the game’s interfaces

  • The game must be able to store and display said stored data (example: Highscores, Player names)

  • The game must accept more than one method for accepting input (example: The game Flappy Bird has only one method: touch anywhere).



It is a theme based game development competition. The theme will be released on day 0 of Pragyan. Only teams who have cleared the first stage can participate for the second stage.


1. Do I have to attend all three events?
    You can attend any number of these three events.

Game Development:
1. Is it maximum of 3 people or strictly a team of 3?
    The maximum number of participants who can form a team is 3. Individual participants can also join.

2. Are cross-college teams allowed?
    Yes. This is not an inter-college competition. Any group of students who're interested in Game Development can join.

3. I've graduated from college. Am I allowed to participate?
    No. This is a contest for college students alone.

4. Is any registration fee required?
    No, there is no registration fee.

5. When will I be intimated if I am selected for the second round?
    You will be notified of the results within two weeks of Pragyan. You are directed to submit the first round result a month before Pragyan begins.

6. Can I use third party tools and tech?
    You can use all libraries, middle-ware, content creation and development tools that works for you as long as you can legally use them.

7. What platform should my game be in?
    The game developed can be built for any platform.

8. Is pre-registration necessary?
    Yes, pre-registration is necessary as only teams who've cleared the first round are allowed to submit their game in the second round.

9. Where should I submit my game?
   For the first round, the working game as a zip file and the URL of the source code put up in Github  must be sent as an email to with all details previously mentioned. For the second round however, you are required to come to NIT and submit the game in person to the Gaming Minifest Desk at National Institute of Technology, Trichy, during Pragyan.

10. Do I need the game developed for the first round to participate in the second round?
     No. If you've cleared the first round, all you need is your Pragyan ID.

11. Will Laptops and the corresponding software be provided?
      Teams will have to carry their own laptops and software. You will be provided with 220V AC Power Supply with extension cords.

12. Is it mandatory to submit the source code?
     Yes, it is mandatory to submit the source code.

13. I know nothing about game development. Can I participate in this event?
     Yes. The first round is designed specifically for you. You can learn about game development and submit a working game which accomplishes the first task.

14. Can I make more than one submission?
      No, you are not allowed to make more than one submission.

15. Can I begin development before coming to Pragyan?
      For the second round, no. You are required to begin development from the time we release the theme.

Beta Testing:
1. Do I have to actually fix the bug?
    No. You are required to only fill in the bug reports. You are not supposed to fix the bugs you've found.

2. Is it a team event?
    No. It is an individual event.

3. Is pre-registration required?
    No. On the spot registration is sufficient.

5. How can I differentiate a bug from a feature?
    The game developer would give you a list of features within the game, and a description of the game mechanics. If the event which occurred is supposed to occur according to the information provided, it is a feature. Else, it's a bug.

6. How will I be intimated if I've won a prize?
    You will receive a SMS about your winnings.

7. How much time do I have on one particular game?
    You will be allowed to test one particular game for a period of 45 minutes in each 3 hour period. You can participate again once this period is over.


8. I am not a Computer Science Student. Can I participate?
     Yes. This event requires no knowledge of computer science. All that is required is you enthusiasm.


UI/UX Portfolio review:
1. What level of knowledge/experience do I need to participate in this event?
    You should be at-least a beginner in UI/UX. Some knowledge is necessary to develop a portfolio.

2. Should a soft copy of my presentations be submitted previously?
    No. It is required that you come to Pragyan to get your portfolios reviewed and nothing more.

3. How much time am I allotted?
    You are allotted 10 minutes for your presentation. The actual review process may take some time.

4. Is pre-registration necessary?
    Yes, as it is a first come, first serve event. The judges will not only judge your portfolio, they will also provide a review of it to you.

5. Is it a team event?
    No. It is an individual event.

6. Is it restricted to college students alone?
    No. Any UI/UX enthusiast can present their portfolios to the judge.

Game Development
Tutorial links:
XNA Game Studio -
Unity3d -
Windows Phone (XNA) -
Android Phone (Unity):

UI/UX Portfolio Review

Some examples of good UI/UX  Portfolios can be found in the following links:

The entire details for Gaming Minifest can be downloaded here

V R Sathiyanarayana

Formula: 0

Vishnu G

Formula: 1


Formula: 2

Faculty Advisor

Ms B. Shameedha Begum

Assistant Professor

Department - Computer Science and Engineering

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