Are you:
A EA Sportsgame developer confident of his skills?A designer thirsty for recognition?
A person who loves video games in general?
Or someone Simply reading this?
This is the Minifest for all types of gaming enthusiasts be it developers, designers, or gamers. We have three different events which will test participants in the three fields described above. These are elaborated below:

Game Development Competition:

You have creativity. You’re confident of your abilities. But, can you create something good in the time space of twelve hours? Can you work efficiently enough to deliver excellence quickly?
Or are you someone who’s simply interested in the art of game development, but have had no experience in actual creation?
The game development competition will put your skills to test as you fight to deliver the best possible product facing tough rules and difficult themes. May the best developer win.


Are you the sort of person who simply loves finding out what they can get away with in GTA? Or the guy trying out the craziest possible way to complete a mission in Splinter Cell? This event is for you then. Test Beta versions of games by simply pushing the game to its limits and observing whether it reacts appropriately.

UI/UX Portfolio review:

Are you a design enthusiast? Are you filled with interesting ideas for design, but was never taken seriously enough by your friends and teachers? Do you crave for a honest review of your UI/UX design portfolio? Then hop on, register for the event, and simply prepare your portfolio and wait, for at Pragyan 2015, your portfolio will be reviewed by a master of this art.


Prizes worth INR 45,000


Please post your queries related to this event at

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