1. Do I have to attend all three events?
    You can attend any number of these three events.

Game Development:
1. Is it maximum of 3 people or strictly a team of 3?
    The maximum number of participants who can form a team is 3. Individual participants can also join.

2. Are cross-college teams allowed?
    Yes. This is not an inter-college competition. Any group of students who're interested in Game Development can join.

3. I've graduated from college. Am I allowed to participate?
    No. This is a contest for college students alone.

4. Is any registration fee required?
    No, there is no registration fee.

5. When will I be intimated if I am selected for the second round?
    You will be notified of the results within two weeks of Pragyan. You are directed to submit the first round result a month before Pragyan begins.

6. Can I use third party tools and tech?
    You can use all libraries, middle-ware, content creation and development tools that works for you as long as you can legally use them.

7. What platform should my game be in?
    The game developed can be built for any platform.

8. Is pre-registration necessary?
    Yes, pre-registration is necessary as only teams who've cleared the first round are allowed to submit their game in the second round.

9. Where should I submit my game?
   For the first round, the working game as a zip file and the URL of the source code put up in Github  must be sent as an email to with all details previously mentioned. For the second round however, you are required to come to NIT and submit the game in person to the Gaming Minifest Desk at National Institute of Technology, Trichy, during Pragyan.

10. Do I need the game developed for the first round to participate in the second round?
     No. If you've cleared the first round, all you need is your Pragyan ID.

11. Will Laptops and the corresponding software be provided?
      Teams will have to carry their own laptops and software. You will be provided with 220V AC Power Supply with extension cords.

12. Is it mandatory to submit the source code?
     Yes, it is mandatory to submit the source code.

13. I know nothing about game development. Can I participate in this event?
     Yes. The first round is designed specifically for you. You can learn about game development and submit a working game which accomplishes the first task.

14. Can I make more than one submission?
      No, you are not allowed to make more than one submission.

15. Can I begin development before coming to Pragyan?
      For the second round, no. You are required to begin development from the time we release the theme.

Beta Testing:
1. Do I have to actually fix the bug?
    No. You are required to only fill in the bug reports. You are not supposed to fix the bugs you've found.

2. Is it a team event?
    No. It is an individual event.

3. Is pre-registration required?
    No. On the spot registration is sufficient.

5. How can I differentiate a bug from a feature?
    The game developer would give you a list of features within the game, and a description of the game mechanics. If the event which occurred is supposed to occur according to the information provided, it is a feature. Else, it's a bug.

6. How will I be intimated if I've won a prize?
    You will receive a SMS about your winnings.

7. How much time do I have on one particular game?
    You will be allowed to test one particular game for a period of 45 minutes in each 3 hour period. You can participate again once this period is over.


8. I am not a Computer Science Student. Can I participate?
     Yes. This event requires no knowledge of computer science. All that is required is you enthusiasm.


UI/UX Portfolio review:
1. What level of knowledge/experience do I need to participate in this event?
    You should be at-least a beginner in UI/UX. Some knowledge is necessary to develop a portfolio.

2. Should a soft copy of my presentations be submitted previously?
    No. It is required that you come to Pragyan to get your portfolios reviewed and nothing more.

3. How much time am I allotted?
    You are allotted 10 minutes for your presentation. The actual review process may take some time.

4. Is pre-registration necessary?
    Yes, as it is a first come, first serve event. The judges will not only judge your portfolio, they will also provide a review of it to you.

5. Is it a team event?
    No. It is an individual event.

6. Is it restricted to college students alone?
    No. Any UI/UX enthusiast can present their portfolios to the judge.

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