Pragyan CTF

TemenosPragyanCTF is the Pragyan version of Capture the flag. It is an ethical hacking contest in which certain pieces of information, called "flags", are placed on servers, encrypted, hidden, or otherwise stored somewhere difficult to access. Teams are tested on cryptography, steganography, application security, binary analysis, reverse engineering and other real world problems on their way to capture the flag.

Two rounds both online

Maximum of 4 members per team

Prizes worth INR 45,000

The contest portal is at

Please post your queries related to this event at


Round 1

When -         Starts on 10th Februrary 2015

What -         Jeopardy: Participants will be given the same set of vulnerabilities like Web, Forensic, Cryptography, etc. If they succeed they submit each flag for vulnerability.

Judging -     Top 15 teams that submit the most number of flags will qualify for the next round.

Round 2

When -        28 February, 2015

  • Participants attacking Pragyan server will be disqualified.
  • Participants blocking the automatic judge will be disqualified.

  • Bringing down another player’s machine leads to disqualification.

  • Sharing flags or helping another team leads to disqualification.

  • Organizer’s decision is final.

1. I’m a complete newbie, can I participate?

    YES, you can. Learning is one of the most important objectives of this contest. Just go through the given resources and join our mailing list where we will be giving more tutorials for beginners.


2. I’m not in Trichy / I’m not in India, can I participate?

    Yes, all rounds of this contest will be online.


3. What do I need to participate?

    You need a computer with an active internet connection, a modern browser and the ability to run Linux/Windows apps


4. Can two teams submit the same flag?

    Round 1 - Yes, all teams use the same app, so same flag

    Round 2 - No, first team to submit the flag get the points. others don’t.


5. I have more questions. What do I do?

    Please do not hesitate to contact us at


Vignesh Manix                                    

Formula: 0



Formula: 1

Formula: 2

Faculty Advisor

Mr. Kunwar Singh

Assistant Professor

Department - Computer Science and Engineering

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