Three is a crowd

This is a team-based coding event which requires basic knowledge of a programming language (say C++) and an open mind.       

The teams will be given a task. The task will be divided into 3 Classes/Functions - The definition and description of what the classes/functions must do will be informed to the teams.


Prizes worth INR 20,000


Please post your queries related to this event at

Preliminary Round - A quiz like round where a series of programming puzzles or theoretical computer science questions will be given. 10 teams will qualify to the final round. ·   


Final Round

Planning phase - The teams will be given 45 minutes to plan the structure of the Classes/Functions they will be using. The teams will need to plan the functions they will be using- the name and the functionality of the function.


Coding Phase - In this phase, the team members split, and start working on their individual systems, each working on their respective Classes/Functions. Here, it will be necessary to make calls to functions of other classes that a member is currently not working on. So, the planning phase is crucial. After a period of 20 minutes, the team members shuffle in a circular fashion, and continue to code where their teammate left off. This happens for a total of 3 times (i.e., 20+20+20 = 60 minutes for this phase).


Integration Phase - In this phase the teams get to integrate their code on one system, and debug their Classes/Functions. The teams can test their codes with sample inputs provided. This will last for another 5 minutes.


  • All the three classes will be combined, compiled and tested with the sample inputs of the moderator.

  • In case of any ties, faster solution will be given preference.

  • The  members of the team would be well separated -

Team members working on Class/Function 1 will be seated separately, members working on Class/Function 2 separately and so on. 

  • Judgement of organizers is final.

1. Can there be a team of more or less than 3 members ?

No, there has to be team of exact 3 members.

2. Can people from different colleges form a team ?

Yes, members from different colleges can form a team together. There is no restriction on whether or not the members are to be from the same college.

3. Do the participants need to bring their own laptops ?

Yes. Each team member should have their own laptop for the event.

4. Is there any restriction on which year students can participate ?

Yes. Students pursuing undergraduate degree can only participate.

5. Can a member make more than one function ?

Yes. To work on the solution for assigned function, team member can form any number of functions.

6. What happens in case of a tie between two teams ?

The time taken to solve the question and the quality of the code (time complexity) will be considered.

7. Is there any separate registration fee ?

No , there is no individual registration fee for this event.

The entire details of Three's a Crowd can be download here.

Chakshu Ahuja          






Formula: 0

Faculty Advisor

Ms B.Shameedha Begum

Assistant Professor

Department - Computer Science and Engineering

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