1. Can there be a team of more or less than 3 members ?

No, there has to be team of exact 3 members.

2. Can people from different colleges form a team ?

Yes, members from different colleges can form a team together. There is no restriction on whether or not the members are to be from the same college.

3. Do the participants need to bring their own laptops ?

Yes. Each team member should have their own laptop for the event.

4. Is there any restriction on which year students can participate ?

Yes. Students pursuing undergraduate degree can only participate.

5. Can a member make more than one function ?

Yes. To work on the solution for assigned function, team member can form any number of functions.

6. What happens in case of a tie between two teams ?

The time taken to solve the question and the quality of the code (time complexity) will be considered.

7. Is there any separate registration fee ?

No , there is no individual registration fee for this event.

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