For 1st Round, (Last Date 14th Feb):


1)      Ideas provided to solve the problem statement (30)

2)      Originality of the idea (20)

3)      Calculations/ Analytical Details given (20)

4)      Diagrammatic explanations (10)

5)      Explanations through other Aids (20)


Not much Focus given to : Cost Effectiveness and the Feasibility/ Marketability of the product as well as minute details in the design / idea.



For 2nd Round: (Final Round Participants will be informed by 15th Feb-  Giving 10 days to come up with final designs and solutions)


1)      Evolution of the idea from the first round / Deviation from first round. (Whether they have used the same idea or changed it a lot-reduction of points in case of the latter) (5)

2)      Completeness of the Idea. (Whether all aspects and details are thought upon or the idea is left quite loose ended) (5)

3)      Whether the solution is feasible? Will it actually solve the problem? How? (30)

4)      Complete Analysis/ Calculations/ details/ Explanations of all aspects of the design in the presentation. (20)

5)      Sketches/ CAD Model/ Drawings in Different Views / Assemblies (20)

6)      Cost effectiveness of the model/ Marketability of it as a product (10)

7)      Animations/ Dynamic Study/ Explanations in the presentation provided through other Aids. (10)


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