1. Collapsible Light Weight Chassis:

Given the excessive emergence of the automotive sector and constantly growing number of cars on the roads, equally alarming is the issue of space required for parking of these vehicles. Hence it is of an urgent need to come up with innovative solutions for building cars which can be made to occupy lesser space while parking. Hence, Create an Automobile Chassis which can be Shrinked/ Collapsed/ Folded and Reformed to original form when needed. The participants have to give proper Sketch/Drawing/CAD models in any of the software and preferably an animation/prototype showing the working of linkages to achieve the above.


2. Transmission System:

While designing off-road vehicles; one aspect that’s been puzzling the designers is the adaptability of the vehicle for both on-road conditions as well at the same time make it maneuverable while enduring steep slopes and banked curves in hills/embankments. Design a Transmission System (Gearbox, Differential and Shaft Radius) for a Given Power, Max Torque and Wheel Radius for a four-seater road vehicle. THE CAR HAS TO GO OVER A BRIDGE WITH 32° INCLINATION. The gear box can be a commercial or custom made.(Basic sketch/diagram or CAD model showing arrangement of gears in the gearbox with reasoning for choosing gear ratio values, also comment upon the weight of the car taken, making it sufficient for at least 4 people at a time).


Power (Max): 88.8 BHP @ 4000RPM

Torque (Max):219.7N/m@ 1800 RPM

Wheel Diameter: 16 inch


3.       Innovative Braking System:

A lot of energy from your hard-earned fuel (see petrol price) is wasted while braking. You are required to design a braking system that will store this energy and utilize it to power the automobile. A lot of such systems have been developed but not widely applied. Those ideas can be used for inspiration but the judges will grade teams only on the basis of your originality.


4. Innovative Damping in Suspensions:

Damping in Conventional Automobiles mainly works by using the frictional forces and energy of passing a fluid through an orifice. Although it provides a ride comfort, it does consume a lot of power! Try to come up with a way to harness this power lost in damping in a suspension.

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