The event has two rounds and a bonus round.


Round 1:

It is an eliminating round.

In this round the participants will be given a set of five normal size paper cups with words embedded on it in a jumbled form. The task is to arrange the jumbled letters to form a meaningful word in the shortest possible time. 

The top eight teams who have finished the word in the shortest time will be selected for the second round.


Round 2:

This round will decide the winners of the event from those eight teams selected in round 1. It has three stages. Winner of each stage will go to the next stage, in the form of knockouts.

The task is to create a given formation from the given set of coloured blocks with dimensions approx. 2.5*2.5*2.5 inches. Two teams will be given the same formation and the team which finishes the task first wins. First place goes to the finalist, second place to the runner- up team and third place to the winning team of a separate match between semi-finalists who lost. 


Bonus round :

You will be given a problem statement on the day before the event which will test your thinking and problem solving skills . It will be completely theoretical and requires just basic physics knowledge. You are required to submit the solution on the day of the event. This is a separate round and in no way linked to actual competition.

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