Pre-Event Rules

• Submit an appropriate abstract describing the design of the arm before February 18th, 2015.

• The”mechanical arm” should be setup in the staging area before starting the event.

 • No part of the arm should cross the demarcating line before the commencement of event.

• The teams are allowed to start operating the controllers only after the start of timer, when instructed by the organizer.


During the Event

In round 1, the cups with letters printed on them will be placed in Zone B of the arena and they should be picked and placed in the Zone A(elevated platform) in sequence to get the right word.

Timer will be stopped when all the cups have been arranged to form the right word in Zone A.

In round 2, the participants have to pick the coloured blocks from Zone B and place it in Zone A in order to form a given formation before the other team to win the round. No timer will be used, the team which finishes the task first wins the round.

•For the FIRST round, each team will be granted only 3 trials. If the task is accomplished in all three trials, the best of three timings will be taken. In case of any failure, etc., that particular trial will be used considered used up.

•In case of failure, the team has a maximum of 20mins to fix the problem. 

•For SECOND round, no such provision is there. Any failure / inability to perform task will result in disqualification. 

•Regarding the PRACTICE arena, teams may perform dry runs for a duration of 5mins max. Use of the practice arena is unlimited, but will be monitored to ensure all teams have equal opportunities.



• A team can consist up to 4 members 

• The arm should have a stable base and must be able to stand by itself at all positions. 

• All the joints of the arm must be actuated hydraulically and must be operated with manual controls. 

• The controls must not be mounted on the any of the moving parts of the arm. The controls may be placed on the base or any part of the staging area. 

• The participants will be allowed to handle only the controls and not the arm or the cups during the event. 

• The participants are allowed to use any material (Popsicle sticks, ply wood, etc) to build the arm. Stock arms are not allowed. 

 Electrical or Electronic components such as motors, batteries should not be used.



• All students with a valid identity card from their respective educational institution are eligible to participate in Hydro.


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