Junkyard Wars

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This is the event you were waiting for, if you are a hardcore engineer. Imagine and create a working model of a weapon(seriously?) whose function would be said on spot. Build and operate the "weapon" in The Siege of Pragyan 2015.

Have an opportunity to use your engineering prowess and intellect to create machines and battle out in Junkyard wars. This is a 3 day event with your team prowling over NITT's central workshop to build it.

Problem Statement :

Design, construct and calibrate a machine which would fire tennis balls.
This is your "weapon". Make a defense to shield your territory, and share it to help your team mates. Score as much as you can before you run out of ammo.


1· What should be the team size?

    3 to 5 per team

2. Is there any registration fee?


3. What should I bring with me to the event?

    Your teammates and your brain

4. So, what all components will be available?

    The standard equipment in workshop, Other materials to work with will be mentioned to the finalist on spot, on the day of Pragyan

5. Is it for UG/PG/PhD?

   Any team with its team members having valid Pragyan ID can participate. The team must retain their team members until the finals; any change will lead to disqualification.


Prizes worth INR 30,000

Please post your queries related to this event at

The event consists of 3 rounds



  • This is a online round.

  • This round may be attempted from 15th February,2015(Sunday!) to 18th February

  • Consists of 45 question with a mix of subjective and objective questions.

  • Will test participants basics physics, mechanics, engineering

  • Time limit is 50 minutes

  • Only 1 submission per team is allowed and the participants are requested to click the SUBMIT button once they complete the test within the stipulated time. Else the answers will NOT BE RECORDED.



  • Those shortlisted from Round 1 will take part in this Round 2.

  • This is a design round which will be held on 22nd February.

  • Virtual components will be given.

  • A computer model or scanned copy/photograph of hand drawn model must be uploaded.

  • The design would be of a mechanism to perform a specified task.



  • This is the final round of testing, the game.

  • The finalist would have to construct the "weapon" using the given materials.

  • A match will be conducted, with the teams split into 2 groups.

  • Final points awarded is based on the points scored in the game.

  • Maximum team size: 5

  • Total number of finalists selected is 6 teams ; 3 teams in each group.

  • Construction equipment and materials will be given on site. The game begins on the final day. The teams must be ready by then.

  • Number of tennis balls(ammo) per team: 5

  • Each team's territory is a circle of radius 10 feet and the team's equipment at the centre.

  • Number of lives per team: 3

  • A life is lost if a ball falls on a team's territory excluding the defending region.

  • Use defense to shield your territory and lose no life.

  • Team Managers' decision is final.Teams must abide by the rules and conduct of the workshop.

  • Participants will be tested on their fabricating skills and team work.

  • On completion of the model 5 points are awarded.

  • During the game, 4 points will be awarded to the team launching the ball,on hitting the opponent's territory in the region of no defence. If it hits the shield 2 points will be awarded to the defending team with an extra turn to play and 2 points will be awarded to the team launching the ball.

  • 2 points will be awarded to the team who has lent their shield to their group mates in the due course of the game.

  • The group with the highest points ( which is the sum of team's score ) is the winner.

The entire details for Junkyard Wars can be downloaded here

Karthikeyan Rajasekar

Formula: 0


Akash Chowkampally

Formula: 1


Formula: 2

Faculty Advisor

Dr. D. Lenin Singaravelu

Assistant Professor

Department - Production Engineering

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