The event is divided into two rounds:



i.  500ml Polypropylene (PP) Bottle for School Children

The design should be very attractive and suitable for school children in various colours.


ii.  500ml PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) Jar for Ghee Packaging

Since Ghee is a food product of daily use and handled by women, the design should be very attractive in the Retail Shelf.

It is an industrial problem statement and the winning entries would be selected and fabricated in the industry.

To be submitted by 14th Feb ’15 to

(Maximum Score Possible in 1) a) = 100

1. Modelling of parts: 50

2. Final assembly: 30

3. Generation of simulation video: 10

4. Rendering and animation effects: 10

The following are to be submitted :

1) Part-model of each of individual parts in step/iges/prt format

2) Assembly of the concerned mechanism in asm/prt/srt format

3) Video of the mechanism in mp4/avi format.

1)b) A set of 20 MCQ questions testing the following aspects of design will be put-up on 10th Feb ‘15 and it is to be answered by 13th Feb ’15. :

i. General knowledge of orthographic views, projections, sections, elements, etc in CAD software.

ii. Geometric dimensions and tolerances.

iii. Simple problems on Analysis- static structural, dynamic structural and thermal/ fluid fields like weight, stress zones, rigidity, deformation, etc. (which can be solved manually as well as using softwares)

iv. Problems based on modeling a given component and finding its centre of mass, moment of inertia, density, volume etc.

Marks: 5 for each correct answer. No deductions for wrong response.

(Maximum Score Possible in 1) b) = 100

(Maximum Score Possible in 1) = 200

TOP 10 teams will be shortlisted based on their scores in the prelims and will be informed by 15th Feb ’15.


2) Main round:

The top 10 teams from the prelims are eligible for the main event.

The participants are given the freedom to select ANY ONE of the problem statement above.

One Sports Equipment of their choice OR any Idea regarding the multi-purpose customized furniture model will ultimately be their design problem for the main round.

The teams are required to draft and design their own prototype of the Sports Equipment/Furniture Model and make a detailed analysis of their model and present the same during the event day during Pragyan’15.

The teams can perform dynamic simulation, stress analysis, flow/thermal analysis, mechanical simulation if any. This would be highly appreciated and would be equally valued while awarding points.

The presentation may include

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