Architecture and technology have a very complicated relationship, nevertheless one cannot live without the other, as they need to keep up with each other's development and maturity over time. An apt example would be saying that the construction of skyscrapers that grace the world today would not be possible two centuries back owing to the lack of the technological expertise that exists in the world today which includes, complicated building materials which can bear huge loads, quick and easy construction techniques, new structural systems for bearing large span spaces and structures.

Aakriti, from its inception in Pragyan '06 is an Architecutral Design competition solely for those who have a creative imagination and are looking for a platform to express their artistic skills and their vast knowledge of technology.


Prizes worth INR 30,000


Please post your queries related to this event at

It consists of only one round where the participants present their sheet in front of the jury.


Download here

Deadline for abstract submission: February 9,2015

This Design Competition involves the provision of a Design Problem Sheet to the participants on which they work trying to combine the wide variety of factors that they need to consider, study, solve, calculate, design and present to make their product

·         Technically sound,

·         Aesthetically pleasing,

·         Practically feasible

·         Functionally secure, and

·         Culturally acceptable.

It tests your expertise in a large variety of softwares such as AutoCAD, Revit, Rhinoceros, Photoshop and other related architectural softwares. It also tests your presentation skills.

Aakriti is an interdisciplinary event wherein the competitors have to put themselves through a lot of study and research. It is not simply a design competition which tests your creativity, but also your technological/ engineering expertise and knowledge, your understanding of the project’s feasibility and the provision of practical solutions for the same.


Well accomplished in the field and a proud alumnus of NIT Trichy, the erstwhile  Regional Engineering College; meet Deepthi Zacharia.All of 34 and already a high flyer, she is the Principle Architect of Revolution by Design, an independent design consultancy based in Chennai. She holds a B.Arch, first class with distinction, from NIT Trichy followed by a M.Arch from the Dessau institute of Architecture, Dessau, Germany. An intern at Inform Architects, a four year work period in London at Zaha Hadid Architects followed by work as a principle architect in Chennai forms her illustrious professional career till date. She holds a number of publications in notable journals and magazines and has been a keynote speaker in a number of events. Proficient in a number of languages her roles have included architect, on site co-ordinator, technical co-ordnator, interior designer and many more. We are pleased to have her onboard as a part of Pragyan’15.

1. What exactly are resources meant for?

     The resources are meant only for the participant’s better understanding of the problem sheet, it is not intended for the participants to copy the ideas. It's just to give an idea of what we expect from the participants. It is purely meant for study and understanding. Similar approach towards the problem sheet will be appreciated.

2. Should the presentation sheets be of print format only?

    The presentation sheets should be of print format only, following all the guidelines mentioned in the problem sheet. However, the use of software to produce end result is unlimited and is of the participant’s choice

3. Will there be a pin up, followed by a jury presentation or directly jury presentation?

    There will be a pin up, followed by the viewing by the jury members. The participants will be asked questions during the pin up. And the results will be released shortly after small speeches by our respected jury members.

4. Who can participate?

    Anyone interested in design and is currently an enrolled student of any undergraduate course in engineering or architecture can participate.

5. Can the team members be of different departments?

    Yes, the team members can belong to different departments and different years, as long they are still enrolled in an undergraduate course.

6. Is online registration compulsory?

    Yes, online registration is compulsory before the mentioned deadline on our website. Participants who want an extension on the registration deadlines can call up the organizers and talk to them.

7. How will I be informed about any changes in the date, timing or venue?

    The date, time and venue details will be mailed to the phone number of the point of contact among the participants.

8. Will participation certificates be provided?

    Yes participation certificates will be provided for participants who show up for the event with their presentations. Not for those who registered but didn’t show up for the event.



Formula: 0


Siddharth Sivakumar

Formula: 1


Formula: 2

Faculty Advisor

Mrs. Parvathy Kartha

Associate Professor

Department of Architecture

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