This Design Competition involves the provision of a Design Problem Sheet to the participants on which they work trying to combine the wide variety of factors that they need to consider, study, solve, calculate, design and present to make their product

·         Technically sound,

·         Aesthetically pleasing,

·         Practically feasible

·         Functionally secure, and

·         Culturally acceptable.

It tests your expertise in a large variety of softwares such as AutoCAD, Revit, Rhinoceros, Photoshop and other related architectural softwares. It also tests your presentation skills.

Aakriti is an interdisciplinary event wherein the competitors have to put themselves through a lot of study and research. It is not simply a design competition which tests your creativity, but also your technological/ engineering expertise and knowledge, your understanding of the project’s feasibility and the provision of practical solutions for the same.


Well accomplished in the field and a proud alumnus of NIT Trichy, the erstwhile  Regional Engineering College; meet Deepthi Zacharia.All of 34 and already a high flyer, she is the Principle Architect of Revolution by Design, an independent design consultancy based in Chennai. She holds a B.Arch, first class with distinction, from NIT Trichy followed by a M.Arch from the Dessau institute of Architecture, Dessau, Germany. An intern at Inform Architects, a four year work period in London at Zaha Hadid Architects followed by work as a principle architect in Chennai forms her illustrious professional career till date. She holds a number of publications in notable journals and magazines and has been a keynote speaker in a number of events. Proficient in a number of languages her roles have included architect, on site co-ordinator, technical co-ordnator, interior designer and many more. We are pleased to have her onboard as a part of Pragyan’15.

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