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Dalal Street is a virtual stock trading game. As opposed to conventional stock picking games, Dalal Street actually allows the players to trade among themselves. Trading is facilitated by an electronic exchange running from our servers.(If you don't know how a stock exchange markets work , we advice you to learn the basics before you start playing Dalal Street).


Prizes worth INR 20,000


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  •   There is only one final round .

  •   Top 5 winners will be selected.

  • The event is scheduled from 24th Feb - 25th Feb 2015.

  • Buying, selling, trading stocks online.

  • Availability of everyday stocks will be renewed at regular intervals.

  • Bank will be opened only for a limited time period.

  • A bank will be present, so that users can mortgage stocks.

Player has to amass maximum wealth by trading.The players stock and cash in hand will be considered as total wealth.

    Winners will be decided based on the wealth they earn over the playing duration.

1. What is Trade ? How can I Trade?

    Trade is done at the stock exchange. You buy company  stock  from the stocks in exchange. You enter the amount of stock you want to buy from the company and click on Trade for a successful trade.


2. How can I buy stock from other players?

    You can buy stock by bidding for the particular stock. Only when your bid is successful you will receive the stock else it fails. Although you can negotiate for the same stock by sending another bid.


3. Who can participate in Dalal Street?

    Anyone with a valid Pragyan ID can participate.


4. Who to approach in case of technical problems or queries?

    You can always contact us through our official Facebook Page or call our managers directly in case of emergency. Every player will be notified in case of technical difficulties within Dalal Dashboard under notification or alert tab. Further instructions will be put up on our main site.


The entire details for Dalal Street can be downloaded here

John Mathai              

Formula: 0


Formula: 1


Tushar Rai                

Formula: 2



Formula: 3


Formula: 4

Faculty Advisor

Dr. S. Selvakumar


Department - Computer Science and Engineering

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