1. What is The Ultimate Manager ‘15?

    The Ultimate Manager is the event in Pragyan’15 that tests your business acumen.


2. What is involved in this event? How many rounds does the event have?

    We are going to test the managerial capabilities of an individual through a series of rounds. The event consists of four rounds. The first round is a business quiz. This round is eliminative. The qualifying candidates move to round 2 which is a case study round. Here you will be divided in groups. Round 3 is auction and action where the participants choose and buy from a list of products and sell that product to the audience. The final round is the stress interview.


3. Who can participate in this event?

    It is open to all business as well as non-business students.


4. How to register for the event?

   It will be on the spot registration.


5. Will we be provided with accommodation?

    Accommodation will be provided.


6. What is the registration fee?

    There will be no registration fee for the event.


7. When is the event going to be held?

    Please refer to the schedule.


8. Is it a team or an individual event?

    It is an individual event.

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