Crime busters

Crime Busters tests the crime tackling skills of the participant right from solving the crime to analyzing the criminal and proving his innocence or guilt before a jury.


Prizes worth INR 20,000


Please post your queries related to this event at



  • The event involves 3 rounds.

  • The first will be an elimination round which tests the skills of the team in logical, mathematical and simple crime solving questions. It is recommended that the team divide the questions into three sections to facilitate faster solving.

  • The second involves a small introduction to a topic in criminal psychology (the topic itself will be revealed on the day of the event) and the teams will be asked questions which may or may not pertain to that topic.

  • The third round involves mock court in front of a special jury. Further specifics will be revealed later on.

  • Participating teams must be of maximum three members.

  • Mobile phones are not to be used.

  • The decision of the event managers is final.

  •          Speed of solving

  •          Comprehension of the problem

  •          Summarizing the problem

  •          Providing solution in a compact and complete manner

  •          Ability to defend your solution against other possibilities

1. What should be the size of the team?

    Maximum 3 per team (1-3)


2. Who can participate?

    Team members can be from any college and any course of study (UG &PG).


The entire details for Crime Busters can be downloaded here

Akhil Sebastian Joseph

Formula: 0


Hani Abdul Gafoor

Formula: 1


Formula: 2 


Faculty Advisor

Mr. R.Gururaj

Head of the Department

Department - Humanities 




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