Inspired by BAHFest, held at MIT Cambridge, we bring to you funda – M.E.N.T.A.L. : Mindblowingly Entertaining Nonsensical Theories About Life! This is an ultimate test of your knowledge and creativity. Participants are supposed to develop a theory - the more ridiculous the better, and support it using scientific principles or laws, evolutionary statistics, historical evidence or what not! The crazier the better. The theory can be about ANYTHING under the sun. Be it about flying babies or men’s belly fat or why oreos are round. Time to let your mind go berserk! The winner will proudly be crowned ‘The M.E.N.T.A.L.-ist’


Prizes worth INR 25,000


Please post your queries related to this event at

Abstract Round

Ø  Teams need to submit an abstract of their theory in minimum 500 words. Graphs and diagrams along with the abstract will be appreciated.

Ø  Ten teams will be shortlisted based on the judging criteria.

Ø  Selected teams will be intimated

Abstract submission deadline: 8th February

Release of list with selected candidates: To be informed later.

Final Round

Ø  Every team has to exhibit its theory in the form of a presentation.

     Each team will have 15 minutes on stage for their presentation.

     Audio and video facilities will be provided to present your ideas.

     No restriction is placed on who should speak. Multiple mics will be provided.

Ø  Teams will also have to defend their theory to the judges when asked questions.

Ø  Evaluated based on the judging criteria

Ø  Team of max 3 members

Ø  No reproduction of previous theories

Ø  No vulgarity, foul language

Ø  Discourage anything overly grotesque or horrifying

Ø  No major changes from abstract will be tolerated

Ø  Judges’ decision will be final

As an event inspired by BAHFest, we follow the same selection criteria.

Our initial selection of teams and our judges will be grading theories on four criteria:

Ø  Force of Science -  how much “scientific” information was brought forward (graphs, real citations, “research” etc.)

Ø  Artistry -  how unexpected and clever the idea and presentation are, and how well the presentation is delivered.

Ø  Parsimony -  the simplest theory that explains the most data is best.

Ø  Strength of Defence -  how well you defended your views to the judges. Please note - being funny is not a good defence. We want to see you actually defend your terrible terrible theory!



Abstract Shortlist: Sidin Sunny Vadukut

Sidin Sunny Vadukut is a columnist, writer and blogger from India. He is currently a Foreign Correspondent at Mint and the Editor of Mint Indulge. An alumnus of NIT Trichy and IIM Ahmedabad, he has authored the Dork Trilogy and also contributes to ESPN CricInfo.

The Chosen Ones:
1) Prasanth Murali and Vrindaa Somjit

2) Ashwini P and G Aishvaryaa Devi

3) Sudharshan Suresh and Sangamitra Sachindran

4) Lokesh TV and Harish K

5) Nilah Nair, Manasee and Vikram Seshadree

6) Natarajan Vaidyanathan

7) Mahemaa R and Preethi S

8) Madhunika S and Emi Choraria




1. Is the maximum number of people strictly 3 ?

    Yes , As the evaluation is based on presentation, a maximum 3 participants per team is allowed


2. Are cross-college teams allowed?

    Yes, the team can consist of participants from any college or any branch


3. Is registration fee required?

    No, there is no fee to enter the competition.


4. Can UG-PG collaborate ?

    Yes, the team may consist of participants from UG,PG,or even Ph.D


5. When will i be informed if I am selected for the next round?

    If you are selected for the next round you will receive a mail a month before Pragyan with details of your participation.

The entire details for Fundamental can be downloaded here

A Sree Sai Ganesh

Formula: 0


George Jacob

Formula: 1


Formula: 2


Faculty Advisor

Dr. M.C.Santhosh kumar

Assistant Professor                      

Department - Physics


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