Have you ever wondered about how the future will look?
Do you think there might be life on other planets?
Have you been inspired by the space battles and the brilliance of science fiction books and movies?
Do you have the imagination to make your own story?

Do you have a message to the world and want it spread?

Then, join STRING THEORY - an online science fiction writing contest! Within the span of a hundred words, you have got the opportunity to craft a prose about life, the universe and everything. The only other limits are set by your imagination - and how many light years and eons it could encompass in its tentative grasp.

Today’s science fiction is tomorrow’s reality. Who knows! Maybe you shall have a small but important part in shaping the destiny of our planet.


Winners will be awarded the opportunity to write for Penumbra, the monthly online magazine, for 3 issues. They will be provided a certificate at the end of it for their work.Free one year subscription of The Caravan Magazine for the 3 winners.


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