Ø  The first round will be an abstract submission round

The last date for abstract submission is 1st February 2015.

The abstract should be sent to

The written abstract should be prepared on the following lines:

• The weapon systems and power supply method should be explained in detail, along with proper diagrams. Picture(s) showing these should be attached.

• Description of any unusual advantageous mechanism used.

• The specifications of all the components used, including motors, suspension springs, remote controller, wires, battery etc. have to be mentioned.

• You can email the portfolio minus the video and send the video later. This will make sure at least the abstract part of your portfolio reaches us before the deadline.

• An email will be sent to the team leader confirming the receipt of the entry. Each team is allowed to make online submission only by email. In case of multiple submissions, only the first submission will be used for judging purposes.

• Abstract file name should be named as Teamname_collegename.

• The abstract can be a .pdf file or a microsoft word file only.

   The shortlisted teams will receive components from Texas Instruments. These components must be used compulsorily.

If analog components are needed, please log on to, register with your college mail ID and avail free analog components.


Ø  The selected teams will be divided into 4 groups and random fixtures will be allotted inside the group such that each team will get to play 3 matches.

Ø  Top 2 teams in each group will be selected for quarterfinals and will have one on one knockout matches.

Ø  4 teams will be selected for semi­finals out of which 2 will be selected based on one on one matches.

Ø  The non-­finalists will have a separate one on one match to decide the 3rd place.


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