1. Who can participate ?

    Students from any college or university can participate in this event. If you are a beginner, resources may help you out.


2. How many members are allowed on a team ?

     A team can have a maximum of 4 members.


3. Can I participate without submitting the abstract ?

     NO, abstract is the important and necessary part of the event and is required as it is the first selection criteria for participating.


4. Are there any prerequisite to register for this event ?



5. Will any facility for charging our equipment be given at the venue ?

    Yes, 220V power supply with extension cords will be given.


6. Do I need a working prototype when registering for the Event to pass  Phase 1 ?

    No, The final working robot is needed only when you come down to Pragyan - to compete in phase 2 . You need to describe the design aspects, Team members and team name in the abstract  which you submit in phase 1.


7. Will Participation certificates be provided ?

    Certificates will be given only to winners.


8. When is the event going to be held ?

    Rush hour starts on day 1 (Friday) with prelims.


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