1. What is the maximum number of people in a team?

     Maximum of 6 people in a team are allowed.


2. Is it necessary that all the team members should be from the same college?

     No, It is not mandatory that all the team members should be from the same college.


3. Can any part of robot detach from itself?

     No, any kind of separation or detaching things from the robot is not allowed


4. Is it compulsory to make two bots for participating in the competition?

    No,the participants can also come with the stacking bot alone (but making a stacking bot is mandatory ).


5. Will the ping pong ball be provided by the organizers?

    Yes ,the ping pong balls will be provided by the organizers.


6. Is it mandatory to load 3 ping pong ball every time?

    No, 3 ping pong ball will be given to the participants each time the bot enters the loading zone, the participants can use any number of them to load(lesser than 3).


7. Will points be deducted if the participant controlling the bot obstructs the ball?

    The participants will be given specific areas only within which they can control the bot in such a way that they do not obstruct the game .


8. What is the size of the stacking circle?

    The stacking circle will be such that a maximum of two (10 cm box) stacks can be arranged inside the circle.


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