What is Pragyan?

Pragyan is the annual Techno-Managerial Festival of National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirappalli. It is the signature event of the student run organisation, Pragyan.


When is Pragyan scheduled to be held?

Pragyan 2015 is scheduled to be held from February 26th to March 1st (Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday).


Why should you be a part of Pragyan?

If  you are good at what you do, Pragyan will applaud you.
If  you are enthusiastic to learn, Pragyan will educate you.
If  you are looking for a break, Pragyan will amaze you.

No matter who you are, Pragyan will inspire you. For there is something for everyone at Pragyan.


Where will Pragyan happen?

In the peaceful and calm NIT Trichy campus located about 20 km from the hectic Tiruchirappalli city.


How to get to NIT Trichy?

From Trichy Railway Station to NIT Trichy Campus

Route Map


From Trichy Central Bus Stand to NIT Trichy Campus

Route Map


Buses which go to NIT Trichy:

No. 128 and all Tanjore (a.k.a Thanjavur) buses which is generally light green in colour marked by dark green stripes.  


General Fare:

Car (Four Seated): INR 450

Auto: INR 300- INR 400


What do I need to bring to Pragyan?

Nothing much. Just your college ID card, your Pragyan ID, an open mind and some friends to enjoy the wonders of what technology holds for you.


Where do I get my Pragyan ID from?

Once you sign up through the Pragyan website, your Pragyan ID (PID) will be generated automatically.


Is there an entry fee for Pragyan?

A nominal fee will be collected from non-NITTians.


What should I do once I arrive at the NIT Trichy campus?

Find the Public Relations desk. Provide your Pragyan ID number to one of the representatives. They will guide you from there.


Is pre-registration necessary for all the events?

Yes, all the participants must pre-register through the Pragyan website before the given deadline (varies from one event to another). Late registrations will not be entertained.


How do I register for an event on the Pragyan website?

 To begin your Pragyan journey, these are the steps you will have to follow:

1. All events, irrespective of it being an individual or group participation, requires participants to register with the Pragyan website which will automatically generate a Pragyan ID (PID).

2.After logging in with the Pragyan ID, go to the respective event and click on the Registration tab. If you are participating individually, click on the REGISTER button, thereby completing the registration procedure for the respective event.
In case you are participating as a team, you are required to enter the Pragyan ID (PID) of the other members in the field provided under the Registration Tab.

3. Once you are done registering for one event and still want to register for another one, you may do so by going to that particular event and repeat the same procedure.


How many members are allowed in a team for participating in the events?

The number of participants per team varies from one event to another.


Is Pragyan open to the general public?

Yes, Pragyan welcomes everyone to be a part of it. Exhibitions, Sangam, Cross fire and Guest Lectures are open for all to witness. Events and workshops will have specific individual eligibility criteria, nevertheless, will appreciate audience.


Can a student of any discipline participate in Pragyan?

Yes. Pragyan appreciates students from undergraduate, postgraduate and research programs to participate. School students are welcome to attend the Exhibitions, Crossfire, Guest Lectures and certain events.


Do I get a certificate for participation?

Certificates are given to all participants except for the online events.


What can I do in my spare time during Pragyan?

Exhibitions, Guest Lectures and Crossfire are some of the main attractions of Pragyan. There is no special entry fee for these so you can attend them.


What are the facilities available within the NIT Trichy campus?

The campus has two SBI ATMs, one Canara Bank ATM,  a full time hospital and pharmacy, a mobile recharge centre and various food joints.


Is accommodation provided within the NIT Trichy campus? If yes, how do I register for it?

Yes, accommodation will be provided within the campus during Pragyan. Check Hospitality Section for details.


What kind of accommodation will be provided when I register for it?

You will be accommodated in the various Boys and Girls hostels within campus. The girls will have a roll call and are expected to be inside their respective allotted hostels before 9 pm on weekdays and 9:30 pm on weekends (time subject to change).


How should I prepare myself for Trichy?

During Pragyan, Trichy experiences summer and the weather is rather hot (30-36 degree Centigrade) . So, please ensure that you have necessary sunscreens and clothing accessories (caps, umbrellas, etc)


What are some to-do things in NIT Trichy campus?

(i) Take a selfie with the MiG-23 Fighter jet

(ii) Experience the breeze standing at the centre of NIT Trichy’s helipad

(iii) Engross in the beauty of the clock tower

(iv) Have filter coffee at the Staff Canteen

(v) Have Palani anna’s drink from the D3 Dhabha right outside the campus

(vi) Most importantly, enjoy Pragyan


What are some better things to do than attending Pragyan?

Attending Pragyan #recursion


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