A graduate from NIT Surathkal and a post graduate degree holder from IIMB, Rakesh Godhwani went on to reach places none of us could have dreamed of. A technologist turned academician, now an author, he has been employed by top companies such as Wipro, Intel and Qualcomm. He has worked in different fields like sales, marketing and business development. He currently heads the IIM Bangalore Alumni Association. It is therefore probably safe to say that he has left no stone unturned. He has already written two books, one titled "Plunnge" and his second, "Seek", on finding your true calling. However, he calls himself a "nobody" on his LinkedIn profile.


Twelve years into working in high profile companies, Rakesh realized that his passion was to make other's reach their maximum potential and help fulfill their dreams. Teaching has been his passion for the past 12 years. His goal is to create a fun filled learning environment and help people become effective communicators, and sales/marketing professionals. Rakesh, who currently heads IIMB's Alumni Association, coaches entrepreneurs in the hi-tech work space, is an adjunct professor at IIM Bangalore and IIM Trichy, and does yoga, cycles his way to work, earns a fraction of what he used to but lives a million times better.


The story behind what prompted him to be a teacher, and then a writer is interesting. When he was in the corporate world, he would teach on the weekends or on any opportunity that he could get without diluting his work. Slowly, he realized that he was enjoying this side of his life more than selling technology. Then he decided to start the Alumini Association in IIMB. That was his way to do something for his alma mater which helped him discover himself. Since he really liked teaching, he signed up for a PhD on Leadership Communication from Cardiff Metropolitan University, UK and started teaching at any college that would give him an opportunity. IIMB was kind enough to also allow him to teach in the first year program of PGP and he also started his elective called Communication for Leaders for the second years and executives as well. Writing was an accident. Though he always wrote a journal, he never considered himself to have the ability to write a book. So a very strange thing happened when he plunnged. He started to meet amazing people for they were always around. But now he had the time to spend and observe things very differently. Each of them was a story. One such story was Plunnge. And from that day, writing had become a serious part of his life.

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Plunnge: Reinvention for the New Generation


Seek: Finding Your True Calling


What to Say and When to Shut Up

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