Meet Satyajit Bhatkal who is an activist/lawyer turned writer/director and has some spectacular titles under his belt like Lagaan, Zokkomon, Chale Chalo and his bestseller ‘The Spirit of Lagaan’ to name a few although he is more well known for his direction in the famous TV series Satyamev Jayate.

Satyajit Bhatkal practiced law for over a decade and was also an involved social activist but in his mid-thirties decided to move to the film and television industry. He was a part of the core production team of the monumentally famous Lagaan and has also directed ‘Chale Chalo’ - a theatrical documentary which shed light on the human struggles and drama which made Lagaan possible. He was also selected for the Locarno film festival under the title ‘Madness in the Desert’. He went on to write and direct a mini-series entailing courtroom drama dealing with various social issues, named Bombay Lawyers – owing to his experience in the courtroom no doubt – which was aired on NDTV in 2007 and is also known to have written and directed ‘Zokkomon’ which is a Bollywood action-superhero movie released by Disney in 2011. Satyajit staying true to his nature as a social activist found great success in the TV show Satyamev Jayate which was created by Aamir Khan as a talk show focusing on sensitive social issues prevalent in India such as untouchablity, dowry culture and the criminalization of politics.

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